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  • HAT (Hard Ancient Tower) is missing amongst later stages that would be considered unused.
  • Various levels in different stages of development need to be split up.

This category lists scrapped levels. They may range from concepts, to fully or partially developed assets in prerelease builds.


Level Name Mechanics Enemies Rank Thresholds Soundtrack Tower Secret Treasure
  • Funiculario
  • Funiculario
  • Funiculario
  • Boulder
  • Hook
  • Crusher
  • Monster
  • Small Monster
  • Chasing Monster
    (normal & scary eyes variant)
  • Spring
  • Ball
  • Moving Ball
  • Funiculario
  • Funiculario
  • Funiculario
  • S: 3,000
    (with all Toppins)
  • A: 2,500
  • B: 2,000
  • C: 1,500
  • Funiculario
  • Theatrical Shenanigans
  • Funiculario
Tutorial (first revision)
  • It's Pizza Time!
Oregano Desert (Demo 1/Demo 2 ver.)
Halloween Demo:
  • S: 4,000
  • A: 3,000
  • B: 2,000
  • C: 1,000

Demo 2:

  • S: 2,200
  • A: 2,000
  • B: 1,500
  • C: 1,000
Halloween Demo:
  • Cold Spaghetti (Draft?)
  • Cold Spaghetti
  • Pepperman Strikes!

Demo 2:

  • Hot Spaghetti
  • Cold Spaghetti
  • Meatophobia

(Halloween Demo)
  • S: 2,200
  • A: 2,000
  • B: 1,500
  • C: 1,000
  • Pizza Engineer
  • Peppino's Sauce Machine
  • Small Fruit, 5PM
Ancient Challenge

Factory Challenge

  • None
  • None
  • Running with Pockets Full of Meatballs
  • Game Restart Cube
  • Grinch's Ultimatum
Oregano Desert (Christmas Race ver.)

Scrapped Level Orders

I've lost my orders again. This day is going to suck!

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Demo 1/Demo 2

During this phase of development, the levels were much longer with a more predictable structure of two floors and a boss. Every level was to be vertically structured, similarly to Bloodsauce Dungeon. This level order was documented in a conversation McPig had in the Pizza Tower Discord on November 2nd, 2018, detailing all of the gimmicks and transformations for each one. Not all of the text has been found. Descriptions are his exact words and are highlighted in quotation marks. This level order was used from the first Tester Build up to Demo 2.

Level 1 - Ancient Tower

As Demo 1 had already been out for a few days, McPig felt no need to describe the first level. See Ancient or Halloween Demo for more information. The Knight transformation and the music were later reused in Pizzascape, while the Bomb transformation was turned into a pickup and reused in Ancient Cheese.

Level 2 - Factory

"The Factory is a more mechanic focus level because of its treadmills. It looks like a metallic factory that produce cheap frozen pizza." See Demo 2 for more information. The gimmicks and enemies, along with the Boxxed transformation were reused in Peppibot Factory, and the Sticky Cheese transformation was reused in Oh Shit!.

  • Gimmicks: Conveyor Belt, Box Stamper
  • Enemies: Grabbie Hand, Peppino Robot
  • Transformations: Boxxed, Sticky Cheese
  • Themes: Pizza Engineer, Peppino's Sauce Machine, Running with Pockets Full of Meatballs
  • Note: There would be Cheesers that would squirt cheese and turn you into the Sticky Cheese transformation, which at this point wasn't part of the Cheeseball transformation.

Level 3 - Trash Heap

"Similar to Wario Land 4 Toxic Landfill. Absolutly disgusting mess of pizza box and rotten food. Its more of an action with a lot of obstacles to deal because of the cheeseballs and falling platforms." The Trash Pan enemy along with the Cheeseball transformation were reused in Oh Shit!, and the rotten pizza box platforms were turned into the Cheese Blocks and reused in Ancient Cheese.

  • Gimmicks: Rotten pizza box platforms (early version of Cheese Block), diagonal walls
  • Enemies: Trash Pan, Rotten Ingredients, Muscle Pizza
  • Transformations: Cheeseball, Meteor
  • Themes: Tubular Trash Zone, Toxic Rave
  • Note: The Muscle Pizza enemy would use its muscles to smack you into the Meteor transformation, and the Trash Pan would spit out Cheeseballs like in versions up to the April 2021 Patreon build. The Meteor transformation actually had finished sprites. The Meteor transformation would let you bounce off sloped surfaces and break metal blocks without using Mach 3/4.

Level 4 - Spooky Apartment

"A creepy apartment (similar to the tutorial level). This is more of a sneaking level since you need to make the most use out of the new transformation, and you actually need to hide from some enemies." obj_monster could be found in the files of the Early Test Build, the Ranch Shooter enemy was reused in Fast Food Saloon, the Barrel transformation was reused in Crust Cove, the Ghost transformation was reused in Wasteyard, and the Noisey was reused in The Noise's boss.

  • Gimmicks: Maze-like level design
  • Enemies: Horrible Pizza Monster (most likely obj_monster), fat guy that farts eating pizza (early version of Ranch Shooter), fake pizza boxes (early version of Noisey)
  • Transformations: Barrel, Ghost
  • Themes: Spooky Apartment, Spooky Apartment Escape (SNICK IS COMING)
  • Note: The fat guy farting while eating pizza would turn you into the Ghost transformation, and you would use the barrel to hide from the Horrible Pizza Monster.

Level 5 - Party

"A chuck-ee-cheese type of place with various party elements. There is a specific gimmick where you must wake up sleeping pizza monster with the music of the animatronic. A machine that you can fall into turns you into an animatronics. Spike does their usual job." The Animatronic (Peshino) transformation was later reused in Don't Make A Sound.

  • Gimmicks: Sleeping monster in need of waking up
  • Enemies: Pineacool, Evil Animatronic (reskin of Peppino Robot), Cool Kid
  • Transformations: Animatronic, Caffeinated
  • Themes: What's on the Kids Menu?, Hard Drive to Munch You, It's Pizza Time!
  • Note: As said by McPig, a machine you could fall into would turn you into Peshino.
  • Note: According to McPig, the Caffeinated transformation would make you "go really fast without being able to charge until you are hit and drop your coffee. Used to get through falling platforms that requires high speed instantly." This means coffee would be somewhere in this level.

Level 6 - Freefalling

"A constantly falling array of things that falls at the same time has Peppino, while the noise activated a trap that created a giant fan to throw everything out of the tower. The level is basically random objects stuck togheter to create the level, all while falling. By the end of the level, when opening the door, Peppino get to enter a hot-air balloon that was parked there to get back on top."

  • Gimmicks: Everything falling up rather than down
  • Transformations: Spinny, Superhero
  • Themes: Freefallin', Collapse!
  • Note: A beta version of Collapse has been found. According to the filename, the theme was originally titled "Gently Fall Apart". The Spinny transformation would have "[made] you spin, go real high then float back down spinning" and "Stun you for a second when landing." while the Superhero transformation would make you "fly anywhere and destroy metal blocks when running into them at high speed. Spikes." according to McPig.
    Listen here!

Level 7 - The Oven

PTG's text for this has not been found yet, but this seemingly involves a giant oven with burners giving you the Firebutt transformation. The Firebutt transformation was reused in Bloodsauce Dungeon.

  • Transformations: Firebutt, Hungry

Level 8 - The Pizza Dream

PTG's text for this has not been found yet, but this seemingly involves a vertical dream.

  • Transformations: Shy, Muscle
  • Note: McPig has stated that the Shy transformation would have made you "unable to charge, slow. Spikes." and the Muscle transformation would have made you "able to destroy everything."

Level 9 - Living Tower of Pizza

PTG's text for this has not been found yet, but this seemingly involves the tower you are in being alive as a final level of sorts. This was to feature every transformation in the game.

  • Transformations: Bomb, Knight, Boxxed, Sticky Cheese, Cheeseball, Meteor, Barrel, Ghost, Animatronic, Caffeinated, Spinny, Superhero, Firebutt, Hungry, Shy, Muscle

Early 2019 (GOLF)

This point in time was when the level design structure was revised to be shorter and less formulaic. This would later be the standard the final levels would be designed with. Each stage would have been based on a different type of pizza. This level order was documented in a conversation McPig had in the Pizza Tower Discord on February 3rd, 2019. This level order was used from the Grinch Race Patreon build up to the Desert build from 2019.

World 1

Pizza Desert (pepperoni pizza)

A desert that acts as the first level. There are many simple enemies. The main gimmick is the Firemouth transformation as seen in the Desert build. During the escape sequence, Noise-themed dynamite makes rocks fall. In the last rooms of the level, you enter a UFO to find the Noise Bomb.

  • Transformations: Firemouth, Squished
  • Themes: Oregano Mirage, Oregano UFO
  • Note: Almost the entire level's idea was reused in Oregano Desert.

Pizza Castle (Neapolitan pizza)

In the second level, you enter a castle (later a mansion starting in the Desert build) with more gameplay. The main gimmick is the Knight transformation, which is multi-purpose. In the middle of the level, Pepperman chases you to a key. During the plain section at the start of the level, The Noise drops a matchstick, leading into a haystack chase to going into the Firebutt transformation.

  • Transformations: Knight, Firebutt (triggered by Peasanto and The Noise)
  • Themes: Cold Spaghetti (as seen in April 2019 Patreon build)
  • Note: Some minor parts of the level were reused in Pizzascape and Fun Farm.

Pizza Factory (brand-name pizza)

This factory reuses assets from the Factory in Demo 2. Many gimmicks from it are reused from Demo 2's Factory, including the Peppino Robots.

  • Transformations: Boxxed, Knight (reused from Castle)
  • Themes: Peppino's Sauce Machine (as seen in April 2019 Patreon build)
  • Note: As with Demo 2's Factory, many parts of the level were reused in Peppibot Factory.

Pizza Sewer (rotten pizza)

A dirty sewer. Many things related to cheese can be found here, and there's even poop lying around. The main gimmicks are the Cheeseball transformation and the cheese blocks.

  • Transformations: Cheeseball (triggered by Trash Pan), Knight (reused from Castle)
  • Themes: Tubular Trash Zone
  • Note: The entire idea of the level was reused in Oh Shit!.

World 2

  • Pizza City (New York pizza)
  • Pizza Space (pizza marinara)
  • Pizza Beach (Hawaiian pizza)
  • Pizza Hell (spicy chicken pizza)

World 3

Pizza Freezer (assumedly frozen pizza)

A freezer that only The Noise can enter. The main gimmick is that since Noise cannot enter Mach 3 or 4, he has to ride washing machines to break them.

  • Transformations: Washing Machine
  • Themes: don't preheat your oven because if you do the song won't play
  • Note: Some of the level's idea was reused in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator.

Pizza Heaven

Pizza Cowboy

Pizza Dream

World 4

  • Pizza Kung Fu
  • Pizza Circus
  • Pizza Party (pizza quattro stagioni)

Mid 2019 (Pre-SAGE)

This is the level order described in the official Pizza Tower design document, released on June 2019. Similar to the final level order, but with some differences. This was used from Blue Block Land until about SAGE 2019. This level order was then slowly updated and expanded upon to make up the final game's level order.

World 1: Tower Passage

Entrance (John Gutter)

A monochromatic tower-like structure.

  • Transformations: None
  • Themes: From the Top (old name for Unearthly Blues)

Medieval (Pizzascape)

A medieval castle with a storage room and library.

  • Transformations: Knight, Ball
  • Themes: Hot Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Cold Spaghetti

Ruins (The Ancient Cheese (old name for Ancient Cheese))

Ancient ruins in the midst of many surreal food-based environments.

  • Transformations: Knight, Ball, Bomb
  • Themes: Theatrical Shenanigans, Theatrical Mischief (early name for Put On A Show!!)

Dungeon (Bloodsauce Dungeon)

A vertically built dungeon filled to the brim with boiling hot sauce.

  • Transformations: Knight, Ball, Bomb, Firebutt
  • Themes: Dungeon Freakshow, Meatophobia

Noise Boss 1: Pizza Arena

Probably the Noise Crusher boss that can be found in the files of versions starting from the March 2019 Patreon build.

World 2: Weird West

Desert (Oregano Desert)

A hot desert with a large cave system and a UFO.

  • Transformations: Ball, Bomb, Firemouth, Squished
  • Themes: Oregano Mirage, Oregano UFO

Cowboy (Very early name of Wasteyard)

A western graveyard.

  • Transformations: Ball, Firemouth, Ghost, Shotgun
  • Themes: Roasted Onion Rodeo (Never used)

Crashed UFO (Very early name of Space Pinball, which in turn became Fast Food Saloon)

A massive UFO.

  • Transformations: Ball, Knight, Firemouth, Mort, Ghost
  • Themes: Extraterrestrial Wahs (Early name of Extraterrestrial Wahwahs)

Farm (Fun Farm)

An unusually bright and calm farm.

  • Transformations: Ball, Firebutt, Mort, Firemouth, Ghost, Shotgun
  • Themes: Mort's Farm

Noise Boss 2: Pizza Showdown

World 3: Island Adventure

Forest (Gnome Forest)

A mystical forest which is home to several gnomes. The main gimmick of this is Gustavo's pizza shop, where Peppino gets pizzas to deliver them to Gustavo's gnome relatives.

  • Transformations: Ball, Barrel
  • Themes: mmm yess put the tree on my pizza, gustavo

Beach (Early name of Crust Cove)

A purple-sanded beach at sunset with a cruise ship and cove.

  • Transformations: Ball, Bomb, Barrel
  • Themes: Tropical Crust

Kung Fu

A Chinese dojo with ninjas, shrimps and danger.

  • Transformations: Ball, Barrel, Firemouth
  • Themes: Way of the Italian (Original name of Way of the Pig)


A level that takes place in a mansion. Many Grandpa Peppers lie here, along with grind rails. (info taken from April 2021)

  • Transformations: Knight, Firebutt
  • Themes: Ground Bound

Noise Boss 3: Pizza Dash

World 4: City Passage

Canadian Winter

Currently, nearly nothing is known about this level besides its name, and gimmick ideas. The ideas are McPig's exact words. "Gimmick idea: Sticky floor where you cant jump, snowstorm that pushes you back if you arent behind a tree, grabbable giant poutine that you can dip yourself into to turn into cheese pep, enemies dont attack and are polite, however the police comes after you if you kill one which works like a chasing taxi!" Note that Cheese Pep is the Sticky Cheese transformation.

  • Transformations: Sticky Cheese

Sewer (Oh Shit!)

A cheesy underground sewer system.

  • Transformations: Knight, Cheeseball
  • Themes: Tubular Trash Zone


Almost nothing is known about this level, but this was merged with City in the April 2021 build and new assets were made for it after that. Many ideas of the circus section from the April 2021 version of the Pig City were actually made for this.

  • Themes: Pizza Pie-Ing


Nothing is known about this level besides its music. Hip to be Italian was scrapped and replaced with Good Eatin' before Good Eatin' got repurposed for GOLF and the Kitchen level was scrapped. Hip to be Italian was later brought back for Peppino's Final Judgement.

  • Themes: Hip to be Italian (later Good Eatin')

Noise Boss 4: Pizza Time

World 5: Factory Passage

Factory (Peppibot Factory)

A dangerous mechanical factory.

  • Transformations: Boxxed, Sticky Cheese
  • Themes: Pizza Engineer, Peppino's Sauce Machine

Power Out (Later renamed to Lights Out)

Next-to-nothing is known about this level, but tiles and a background were made and reused in both City and the Fake Peppino chase sequence.

  • Themes: Tunnely Shimbers

Freezer (Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator)

A massive storage freezer.

  • Transformations: None
  • Themes: don't preheat your oven because if you do the song won't play, Celsius Troubles

Kid Party (Don't Make A Sound)

A child-oriented pizza joint with creepy animatronics.

  • Transformations: Shotgun, Sticky Cheese, Bomb
  • Themes: What's on the Kids Menu?

Noise Boss 5: Pizza Heist

Tower Finale (Exit from the April 2021 build, remade into The Crumbling Tower of Pizza)

The opposite of Entrance.

  • Transformations: All of them
  • Themes: Either I Ain't Got No Time to Dance or Bye Bye There! with PIZZA TIME NEVER ENDS!

Final Boss

The final boss against Pizzaface.

April 2021 Build

This is the level order that was used in the April 2021 Build and the Playtest Build (2021). Getting closer to the final level order, but not fully there yet. The bosses can only be found with the debug console.

World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World Extras


Rework Level Order

The level order used in the September 25th, 2021 Rework build. Nearing finalization, but a few minor differences can be spotted.

Tower Realm

Cosmic West

No Vacation Cruise

21st Century Empire

Terror Nation

The Top

World Extras

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