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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Christmas Race Build - otherwise known as Grinch Build - is a joke event build of Pizza Tower, with this build only being made for an event in the Pizza Tower Discord server. The only level featured was a very early version of what would later become Oregano Desert. When the player finds themselves in an empty room filled with pictures of Baby Grinch at the end of the level, they had to post a screenshot and send it in a channel, where McPig would've verified the screenshot. The first three individuals to do so got a month of free Patreon access, allowing the winners to get access to a Patreon build released on January 2019.

In the level featured here, Pizza Time is immediately triggered with a time limit of three minutes.


The race's endscreen. The first three lucky individuals would receive a Weenie Tier Patreon role.

The contest and its rules were announced on December 22nd, 2018 at 00:34 (GMT) by McPig in Pizza Tower Discord's #the-announcements channel. A download link to the build was posted at 00:57 for people to preload the game, with the contest officially starting at 01:05 once the archive's password - pizzabinch - was revealed.

@everyone In half an hour (at 8 pm est) there will be a race for a bad christmas themed level build on Pizza Tower.

The first 3 people to take a screencap of the last area will receive a free monthly build demo role for next month (which is basically the 5$ role of the patreon). I will post the download link of the build here to start the race.


(POST THE SCREENCAP IN #unknown-channel)


As described in the announcement, the first three winners of the contest that would post a screenshot of the race's endscreen in a special (now deleted) channel would receive a $5 Weenie Tier Patreon role for a month, which would grant them free access to the January 2019 build. The contest ended on 03:26, when the last winner entered third place.

The contest winners are as follows:

  1. cbtbsd (02:21)
  2. pr3tz31 (02:45)
  3. flatstreet (03:26)



The level is filled with Snowman Blocks which restart the level, timer and song when touched.

Peppino's slap attack from Demo 2 has been removed and a preliminary version of the grab has been added, done by pressing the direction Peppino is moving in while running at Mach 2 or 3. Peppino can also now jump off of walls while running on them.


  • Snowman Block