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This page lists all prerelease builds of Pizza Tower released before the final release. Build revisions under the same name are grouped together.

Public Builds

Everything listed here are prerelease builds that have been released to the public, either during a special event or as a standalone demo.

Title Release date File names & revisions Notes Cover
Early Test Build July 15th, 2018 (Peter Griffin)

First publicly released prerelease build(s), which were once downloadable only on the Pizza Tower Discord through a Dropbox link. N/A
Halloween Demo October 31st, 2018 First prerelease build released on N/A
Demo 2 December 5th, 2018

Christmas Race December 21st, 2018 grinch.rar Only available for a very limited time while a race of the same name was taking place. Build was delisted from Dropbox sometime later. Notable for being the only build compressed in a .rar format to lock the build's contents behind a password (pizzabinch). N/A
GOLF April 1st, 2019 Released as an April Fools joke.
SAGE 2019 Demo September 26th, 2019

Noise's Hardoween October 30th, 2019
Peppino's Xmas Break December 30th, 2019

Patreon Builds

Everything listed here are builds that were exclusively released to the game's Patrons. Starting December 13th 2018, after the plans for a Kickstarter fell through, McPig decided to fund the game entirely through Patreon with one of the rewards giving Weenie tier and Cool tier Patrons access to Patreon builds that would get released without a schedule.

Between January 12th and July 3rd, 2019, builds were released through Dropbox. Starting with the release of Blue Block Land v2, all builds would be uploaded to

The ability to subscribe ended in December 2022 as development was wrapping up.


These are regular Patreon builds released by McPig.

Title Release date File names & revisions Notes
January Build January 12th, 2019
March Build Part 1 March 17th, 2019 First build made after the transition to GM2.
Optimisation Test March 22nd, 2019
March Build Part 2 April 3rd, 2019
Desert May 23rd, 2019

Blue Block Land July 3rd, 2019

Version 2 is notable for being the first build to be uploaded to
Lets Go To SAGE ?

Noise's Hardoween (Preview) October 30th, 2019 ?
Coop November 29th, 2019 Introduced co-op play with character select.
Entrance December 13th, 2019 ?
Peppino's Xmas Break (Preview) December 27th, 2019

Noise January 8th, 2020

Boss February 1st, 2020

Desert Playtest February 16th, 2020
Graveyard Playtest February 24th, 2020
Western Build April 26th, 2020

Beach and Forest July 11th, 2020
April Build (2021) April 3rd, 2021

Eggplant June 14th, 2022

Final released Patreon builds.

Level Editor

These are Level Editor builds released by Sertif, with approval and additional resources given by McPig. The Level Editor is a series of builds that, as the name suggests, adds a level editor to the game, using Boss v12 as a base. No level editor features would be featured in the final game, but some of its functionality was restored in Pumpkin Hunt, hinting at a possible comeback of the Level Editor for the final game.

Revision Release Date Notes
v1 2020-02-06 /
v11 / /
v12 playtest / /
v12 2020-02-07 /
v2 playtest / Updated version of the level editor with new enemies, new objects, and props. Now uses the Western Build.
v2 playtest 2 / /
v2 playtest 3 / /
v2 / /
v3 playtest / First build to use the YoYo Compiler. Updated Level Editor featuring new objects, enemies, and graphics. Features online support. The hub room can no longer be accessed.
v3 playtest 2 / /
v3 playtest 3 / /
v33 2020-05-13 /
v4 playtest 2020-07-29 /
v41 playtest 2020-07-30 /
v42 playtest 2020-07-31 /
v43 old 2020-07-31 /
v43 2020-07-31 Added a featured levels tab along with the editor now being on the Beachandforest build.

Playtest Builds

Everything listed here are builds that were released exclusively to a select few playtesters that were handpicked by McPig.

Between June 16th to December 3rd, playtest builds were released through Dropbox. Starting on February 2021 with the release of Playtest, builds were released on a now deleted page behind a password up until October 28th, 2022. Around November 2022, as development was starting to wrap up, builds were released on a now deleted playtest branch on Steam until release.

Title Release date File names & revisions Notes
Tester Build
Demo 2 Test 1 December 3rd, 2018
May Build (2021)
Rework September 24th, 2021 Commonly criticized for the lack of proper wallrunning controls and the bad level design.
Eggplant (Playtest Preview)
Octobe22 First build to use FMOD and the last non-Steam playtest build
November Steam Builds November 26th, 2022 Group name for all Steam builds released in November.
December Steam Builds December 11th, 2022 Group name for all Steam builds released in December.
January Steam Builds January 6th, 2023 Group name for all Steam builds released in January.