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Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator (shortened to R-R-Freezerator in the Chef Tasks room, and more colloquially shortened to R-R-F) is the sixteenth level in Pizza Tower, and the fourth level of the Slum.

The level takes the form of a seemingly massive freezer: the first section of the level takes place in a icy freezer-like area, where a bunch of things can be seen completely frozen. the second section shows a massive fridge with various stickers attached to it, alongside with many winter themed decorations around the area, and the third section takes place in said fridge, where many food products can be found within it.

The titlecard depicts a winter landscape, presumably inside the freezer itself, with Peppino (dressed in thick winter clothing) and a Cheeseslime next to a bus stop as Pizzaface throws a giant snowball at Peppino. A Pizzice can also be seen buried under the snow.


This level contains the following enemies:






In second room, directly where the player must go to progress.


In the third room, in front of Gustavo's shack.


Next to the first Heater on the level, out in the open.


In the second Fake Santa room, directly where the player would naturally progress to.


At the end of the first fridge room, in front of a Box of Pizzas.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the second Fake Santa room, in-between several Frozen Blocks.


In the third room, it is accessible by destroying the Frozen Blocks above. The Tower Secret Treasure is an ice cream sandwich.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the room with the first heater, on the top of the room, accessible via super jumping after activating said heater.

This secret consists of multiple Enemy Spawners that summon Snowmen, and the player is required to use the Jetpack to bounce off Snowmen to reach the end.

Secret Eye 2

In the first fridge room, directly after the checkpoint, located below the Frozen Block, that is accessible through going below the normal path and reaching it with a Jetpack.

In this secret, the player must fly through chains of Jetpacks to reach the end goal.

Secret Eye 3

In the first room that leads to the outside section, located on the very top of the room. It is accessible by destroying the Frozen Blocks below it using the Pepper Pizza transformation.

In this secret, the player must use the spinning ability from the Pepper Pizza transformation to get across some remote platforms to reach the end.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the room after the first Heater, on top of a Grind Rail. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Frozen Nuggets
Free all the frozen birds in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator.
Season's Greetings
Kill 5 fake santas in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator.
Ice Climber
Complete Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator without falling in a pit.


Level's soundtrack:

ClascyJitto – Don't Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do The Song Won't Play
ClascyJitto – Celcius Troubles
Mr. Sauceman – On The Rocks
ClascyJitto – A Frozen Secret


  • In this level, Gustavo during the escape sequence is frozen. He also dissappears from his shack as well.
  • Pepperman was originally planned to make his main playable debut in this level, however, this idea was scrapped.
  • In earlier demos, Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator was a Noise-exclusive level.
    • The older version of the background of the level appears to show a Peppino-like chef frozen in ice, which could've been the original reason for its exclusivity.
  • Originally, this level was intended to have a gimmick known as the Temperature Meter - a gauge that slowly rises as time progresses. After the Meter reaches a certain level, the ice blocks throughout the level would melt away to change the level's structure. This has since been scrapped; however, the texture of the meter still exists in the PT_Eggplantv15 build.
  • This level was at first titled Freezer in March Build Part 1 before getting its final name.
  • Peppino has an alternate idle animation in this level, where his breath can be seen as he attempts to warm himself up.
  • This stage was likely inspired by 40° Below Fridge from Wario Land 4.
  • The 3rd achievement (Ice Climber) is inspired by the Nintendo series of the same name, the symbol of which is an eggplant, explaining why there's one on Peppino's head.
  • There's an unused room leftover from the April 2021 Build which is "freezer_18" which it includes Spit Cheeses and Conveyor Belts.
  • In the third background of the level, several food products are references to various things:
    • There's a soda called "PizzaPop" visible, which refers to WAR, with the portrait of the soda Peppino Spaghetti on a war suit while there's an explosion behind him.
    • There's a jar of pickles that is full of the Pickle enemies.
    • There's a milk carton called "John E. Cheese Milk" that not only reference John E. Cheese itself, but also references Snick in the "Missing" image.


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