Mushroom Ghost

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Mushroom Ghost is a character in Pizza Tower.


Mushroom Ghost is a brown mushroom with crazy eyes, a fanged smile and a ghostly tail.


The Mushroom Ghost floats in place, and upon coming into contact with the player, will turn them into the Ghost transformation. It is invincible and thus cannot be defeated.

Appears in


  • In Eggplant Build, the Mushroom Ghost would float in circles around a set point.
  • Mushroom Ghost's sprite in-file is translucent.
  • There used to be two other variants of the Mushroom Ghost which now go unused.
    • The first variant would appear in Don't Make A Sound, and appear in a room and slowly float towards Peppino. If it made contact with him, Peppino would be teleported to the room he previously was in with no damage given.
    • The second variant would be activated whenever a Destructible John Block (which also now goes unused) was broken. This variant would float alongside Peppino for a moment before charging into him to deal damage.