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Mr. Pinch is a character in Pizza Tower.


Mr. Pinch is a man made of cheese with a floating hand with dark orange nails, connected to the main body with several black orbs. He wears a top hat, has a pointy nose, and has a big grin. He sits inside a pipe, with a smaller arm showing.


Mr. Pinch floats in the air in a brown pipe. When the player is near him, he attempts to grab the player, causing his hand to be pulled downwards due to the weight if successful. The player can slingshot out of his hand to cross large gaps. He cannot be defeated in any way.


Chef Tasks

This character is tied with the following Chef Task:

Penny Pincher
Avoid getting grabbed by Mr Pinch during the escape sequence of Oh Shit!


  • Mr. Pinch is based off of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Mr. Burns.
  • Mr. Pinch originally would have long legs with black pants and shoes. That was changed to him just sitting inside a pipe.


Regular Animations

Scrapped Animations

Stringy Cheese