Noise Satellite

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Noise Satellite is a secret object in Pizza Tower.


Noise Satellite is a satellite that looks like The Noise. It usually has the words "Noise TV" on it, but when stunned it will show a question mark, and when destroyed it will instead say "Ouch".


Noise Satellite can be encountered in Wash n clean secret room in Staff Only, where it will be standing in the corner of the room.

In Demo 2, Noise Satellite originally would have activated Pizza Time. Destroying it it would cause The Noise to walk in and press a button, activating the escape.


  • The station says "Noise TV", likely meaning The Noise is sending signals to a certain Broadcast he runs, as seen in the background of his boss fight in the final game, showing the Noise TV HQ.
  • Due to The Noise Satellite's only purpose being to start Pizza Time, it was eventually scrapped and replaced by Pillar John.
  • The Noise Satellite is the only object that still shows The Noise's old design.
  • The Noise Satellite is the only secret object that does not have its behaviour in the final game.
    • Because of this, the Noise Satellite crashes the game when loaded into a level.


Regular animations

Scrapped animations