Peppino's Xmas Break

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I've lost my orders again. This day is going to suck!

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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Peppino's Xmas Break is the last public demo of Pizza Tower.

This demo features sprites created by the community, a harder version of Bloodsauce Dungeon, and a boss fight against The Noise. The level is a reversed version of Bloodsauce Dungeon, and almost has no changes. There are a couple of rooms with changes.


Discord members with included decorations

The following users have their sprites featured in the game.

  • PinPanPaint (Creator of Paintvale)
  • Toaster-a-power
  • Greywyrd
  • wazzuper25
  • Pnats
  • Cole's Whatever
  • potheadedboy
  • Bucket
  • MayoTayo
  • JonGavs
  • Chronixtu
  • jekARISUET
  • fallatious
  • tocinin
  • RealNewHours
  • Goodwholesome
  • XtremeXavier
  • Tempo



  • This is the first demo that has custom Toppins, provided by wazzuper25.
  • This is the first demo that has a Noise boss fight.
  • This is the last public demo.