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File tags allow the wiki to organize files into categories for ease of access. Below are types of tags, how to use them, and what to use them for.

Using Tag Templates

Tag templates are simple in design.

Sourcing Files

Some tags have the option of providing a source. Depending on the tag template, it may asked for a build of Pizza Tower or a link.


If a tag asks for a build, list the name of the build the file comes from. If the build has a page on the wiki, be sure to link it. Example:




This is an in-game screenshot from Eggplant.

The only exception to linking the build is the Graphic template, where linking is not required upon listing the build.




This is a graphic extracted from Eggplant build of Pizza Tower (Game).


When sourcing a file from outside the game, be sure to include the source of the image, either linking the Twitter link, Tumblr link, or the Discord. When sourcing the Discord, cite the channel, and if applicable, the message link.

Images created by McPig often are uploaded to the Pizza Tower Twitter, McPig's Tumblr, or on the Pizza Tower Discord. These are the only acceptable sources outside of the game. Example:




List of Tag Templates

Below is a table of tag templates used for images on the wiki. Check a template's documentation page for more information.

Template & SyntaxDescription
Official Artwork
Concept Art: {{Conceptart|<source>}} Artwork that demonstrates concepts, including but limited to gameplay mechanics, level design, character design, and more.
Promotional Art: {{Promoart|<source>}} Artwork created to promote something, including but not limited to Pizza Tower.
Sprite Art: {{Spriteart|<source>}} Spritework not necessarily created to be implemented into Pizza Tower. Not to be confused with the legacy Sprite rip template.
Assets From Game
Audio Rip: {{Audiorip|<build>}} Audio extracted from a build of Pizza Tower.
Graphic: {{Graphic|game=<game>|build=<build>}} Any graphic extracted from build of game. Build is optional.
Screenshot: {{Screenshot|<build>}} A screenshot taken from a build of Pizza Tower.
Sprite Rip: {{Spriterip|<build>}} (LEGACY) Legacy template for sprites and animations extracted from a build of Pizza Tower. Do not use for new uploads.
Audio file: {{audiofile|<source>}} Official audio files sent or uploaded by Tour de Pizza. Often taken from Soundcloud or YouTube.
Capture: {{capture|<source>}} Screenshots of videos posted by the developer(s).
Developer Screenshot: {{devscreenshot|<source>}} Screenshots of builds taken by the developer(s). Usually shows off builds unreleased to the public.
Userpage File: {{userpage-file}} A file used on a userpage.
Video: {{video|<source}}} Videos of any kind uploaded to the wiki.