Pizza Tower Wiki:Guidelines & Editing Help

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The following list contains the rules for the Pizza Tower Wiki which must be followed at all times. Failure to comply may result in your account being blocked.

  1. Avoid writing jokes in your contributions; this wiki is meant to be taken seriously.
  2. Do NOT vandalize this wiki. If your only intention is to make malicious and harmful edits, you will be permanently blocked from editing. This includes posting NSFW content, blanking pages, spamming, edit warring, inserting malicious/spam links, or any behaviors that otherwise disrupt the wiki's function.
  3. Utilize proper grammar and spelling at all times. Capitalize proper nouns and first letter of each sentence, spell words correctly, use punctuation appropriately, add periods to the ends of sentences, etc.
  4. Double-check your posts and edits to ensure they're error free before submission. For articles, the "Show changes" button may help you.
  5. Trivia should be factual, not speculative or subjective; only include trivia confirmed by the game's developers.
  6. Do not address the reader or player in the second-person (e.g. you). Always use the third-person point of view.
  7. Do not upload duplicate files; make sure the file doesn't already exist on this wiki. If it's a higher-quality or a corrected version, replace the original file (unless the format's different). If the file is protected, contact a staff member.
  8. Don't forget to add relevant categories to pages before you're finished with them. Do not add irrelevant categories.
  9. Do NOT link to Patreon builds, torrents, and/or illegal copies of Pizza Tower anywhere on the wiki: no exceptions. Information about builds is allowed, but absolutely no files except for ripped assets (sounds, sprites).
  10. Do not create pages or write trivia about unofficial Pizza Tower content (e.g. mods, custom songs or levels), nor upload any unofficial content (media, fan comics, fan-art, etc.).
  11. If a page was previously deleted, please do not recreate the page unless given approval by staff.