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This article is about a early version of this level; for the newer version see: Pizzascare

Pizzascare is the Noise's Hardoween exclusive level in Pizza Tower. It is a more spooky, dark, and more halloween themed level of Pizzascape, instead of being having a brand new layout, this version of Pizzascare uses the original layout (From what it was at the time) and made to be more difficult and annoying with slight layout changes, and enemies were given different color palettes Instead of Toppins being mostly in the path, they were hidden inside of the walls instead, making it more easy to accidentally forget about them.


This level contains the following enemies:


  • Knight — initiated through getting zapped by a Pizzard or pulling a sword from a Sword Stone.
  • Ball — initiated through slipping on slopes or getting kicked by a Pepperoni Goblin.
  • Minigun — initiated through getting one from the PizzaMart.




The first Toppin is in the first room, being inside small breakable blocks below a tall pillar.


Located in the third room, being inside another small breakable blocks, located right to the opposite side of a key.


Inside the fourth room, being behind a Metal Block on the main path. It's easy to spot.


In the Pillar John room, being right next to a Sword Stone on the left.


in the locked door room, being inside yet another fake wall, located right next to several stairs, that the player can slide down through by rolling with enough speed.

Tower Secret Treasure


The door to the is located in the room where the player hops over multiple pits and kills Pepperoni Goblin. Some Breakable Blocks above the door on the right side of the hall indicate to the player to super jump to find the door above. The Tower's Secret Treasure present in the level is a Peanut.

Secret Rooms

Secret Eye 1

The first secret is in the first room, inside a Box of Pizzas below a Metal Block, that the player can break by getting to the ceiling and breaking a couple of the Breakable Blocks.

In this secret, the player has to break a lot of Breakable Blocks to create enough space to gain mach 3 speed, and then break through Metal Blocks and get Complete Pizzas.

Secret Eye 2

The second secret is in the second room, inside a wall with a gap in it.

In this secret, the player breaks through a Metal Block to get the points.

Secret Eye 3

The third secret is in the third room, inside a Box of Pizzas below a Metal Block, that the player can break by grabbing a Pizzard and bringing it to the secret entrance, then making the Pizzard attack the player turning them into a Knight so the player can break it.

In this secret, the player needs to roll down the slope, breaking through Breakable Blocks to get the Complete Pizzas.

Secret Eye 4

The fourth secret is in the fourth room, inside a Box of Pizzas on the path of fake walls.

In this secret, the player has to platform and break through several Pizza Blocks.

Secret Eye 5

The fifth secret is in the Pillar John room, on the path below sword stone, that the player needs to run at high speed to break through Metal Blocks.

In this secret, the player first gets up to the sword stone, then grabs the Knight transformation and slides down a slope to kill 5 Cheeseslimes

Secret Eye 6

The final secret is located during Pizza Time, in a room with the locked door, behind a fake wall on the top left.

In this secret, the player jumps over an Outlet pit to break through a Metal Block and get a Giant Pizza.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – There's a bone in my spaghetti! (Early)
ClascyJitto – hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :)


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  • This version of Pizzascare was last used in the April 2021 Build. In the Rework Build, it was completely remade and became almost what it is in the final game.





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