Post-Blue Block Land, Pre-SAGE

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September Patreon Build, also known as Post-Blue Block Land, Pre-SAGE is a build in Pizza Tower.


September Patreon Build is the build that predated SAGE 2019 Demo and is more complete than Blue Block Land.



Many Sound Effects are absent.

There is a small door leading to the Blue Block Land hub.

Tower Secret Treasure rooms dont have a proper texture, taking the appearance of a normal room.

When wall climbing, a vertical version of Mach 2 will play.

Super Jumping is very fast, but breakable blocks slow it down.

Ground pounding is also very fast.

When clearing a level, the staircase animation from Demo 1 will play.

Secret backgrounds use their old sprite and do not move.

It's possible to access the old Tutorial by the original tower entrance.


This level is still a tutorial.

The music cuts off at one part.


The room with the Tomato Toppin is smaller.

Ancient Cheese

Cheese Blocks deplete much faster.

Bloodsauce Dungeon

The Flying Anchovy is located above the platform in the first room.

Meatophobia does not play.

There is a bugged Pizza Cutter during Pizza Time in the third last room.


Pepperoni Goblin can be defeated at Mach 2.

Pizza Box Goblin is broken.

Pencer dashes much faster.


The shotgun is broken.