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Sound Test is a secret room in the hub in Pizza Tower unlocked after the player finds every Secret Eye in every level, alongside Secrets of The World. It can be accessed by entering a Secret Eye that appears on every floor of the hub, and is located directly right to the entrance to Secrets of The World.

The room contains Gustavo, a large audio player, and the Secret King, a huge, pink humanoid being with a big grin, tiny mustache, crown, and a king outfit. When playing as The Noise, Gustavo is replaced by Noisette. The room itself has a pink background, with eyes, grins and musical notes. The walls and ground are pink checkers with eyes.

The player can select most songs from the game's soundtrack and listen to them. The sound test room does not contain all of the songs featured in the Bandcamp page, however. The sound player also contains the instrumental and vocal versions of "Pizza Mayhem", unique to this room. After selecting a song, all the characters start dancing, while the Secret King starts moving around.

Track list

For a full list of the game's soundtrack, see Soundtrack.


No. Title Composer
1. "Time For A Smackdown" MrSauceman
2. "Pizza Deluxe" PostElvis
3. "funiculi funicula" ClascyJitto
4. "It's Pizza Time!" MrSauceman
5. "The Death That I Deservioli" MrSauceman
6. "Mondays" MrSauceman
7. "Unearthly Blues" MrSauceman
8. "Hot Spaghetti" MrSauceman
9. "Cold Spaghetti" MrSauceman
10. "Theatrical Shenanigans" MrSauceman
11. "Put On A Show!!" ClascyJitto
12. "Dungeon Freakshow" ClascyJitto
13. "Pepperman Strikes!" MrSauceman
14. "Tuesdays" MrSauceman
15. "Oregano Desert" ClascyJitto
16. "Oregano UFO" ClascyJitto
17. "Tombstone Arizona" MrSauceman
18. "Mort's Farm" ClascyJitto
19. "What's On The Kid's Menu?" ClascyJitto
20. "Yeehaw Deliveryboy" ClascyJitto
21. "Calzonification" MrSauceman
22. "Wednesdays" ClascyJitto
23. "Tropical Crust" MrSauceman
24. "mmm yess put the tree on my pizza" ClascyJitto
25. "gustavo" ClascyJitto
26. "Wudpecker" ClascyJitto
27. "Good Eatin'" ClascyJitto
28. "Extraterrestial Wahwahs" MrSauceman
29. "Pimpin' Hot Stuff" MrSauceman
30. "Thursdays" ClascyJitto
31. "Tubular Trash Zone" MrSauceman
32. "Pizza Engineer" MrSauceman
33. "Peppino's Sauce Machine" MrSauceman
34. "Bite the Crust" MrSauceman
35. "Way of the Italian" MrSauceman
36. "dont preheat your oven" ClascyJitto
37. "Celsius Troubles" ClascyJitto
38. "On the Rocks" MrSauceman
39. "Pizza Time Never Ends!!" ClascyJitto
40. "Fridays" MrSauceman
41. "There's A Bone In My Spaghetti!" MrSauceman
42. "Tunnely Shimbers" MrSauceman
43. "Thousand March" MrSauceman
44. "Unexpectancy, Part 1" MrSauceman
45. "Unexpectancy, Part 2" MrSauceman
46. "Unexpectancy, Part 3" MrSauceman
47. "Bye Bye There!" MrSauceman
48. "Receding Hairline Celebration Party" MrSauceman
49. "Meatphobia" MrSauceman
50. "Pizza Mayhem Instrumental" MrSauceman
51. "Pizza Mayhem" MrSauceman
52. "An Entrance Secret" ClascyJitto
53. "A Medieval Secret" ClascyJitto
54. "A Dungeon Secret" ClascyJitto
55. "A Ruin Secret" ClascyJitto
56. "A Desert Secret" ClascyJitto
57. "A Farm Secret" ClascyJitto
58. "An Undead Secret" ClascyJitto
59. "A Saloon Secret" ClascyJitto
60. "A Secret in the Sands" ClascyJitto
61. "A Secret in the Trees" ClascyJitto
62. "A Secret Hole in One" ClascyJitto
63. "An Space Secret" ClascyJitto
64. "A Frozen Secret" ClascyJitto
65. "An Industry Secret" ClascyJitto
66. "A Sewer Secret" ClascyJitto
67. "A Secret In The Streets" ClascyJitto
68. "A Secret You Don't Want To Find" ClascyJitto
69. "A War Secret" ClascyJitto
70. "Secret Lockin'" ClascyJitto
71. "Spacey Pumpkins" MrSauceman
72. "The Bone Rattler" MrSauceman
73. "The Runner" PostElvis


No. Title Composer
1. "The Noise's Jam-Packed Radical Anthem" MrSauceman
2. "Impasta Syndrome" MrSauceman
3. "Distasteful Anchovi" ClascyJitto
4. "World Wide Noise" ClascyJitto
5. "Unexpectancy, Part 3 Remix" ClascyJitto
6. "I Need A Noise" MrSauceman
7. "New Noise Resolutionz" ClascyJitto


  • The following tracks display errors in their name, whether that be using their old name or simple misspellings.
Official Release name Sound Test name
funiculi holiday funiculi funicula
Oregano Mirage Oregano Desert
Extraterrestrial Wahwahs Extraterrestial Wahwahs
Pumpin' Hot Stuff Pimpin' Hot Stuff
Way of the Pig Way of the Italian
Meatophobia Meatphobia
A Space Secret An Space Secret
    • Upon the initial release of The Noise Update, "Impasta Syndrome" was incorrectly labelled as "Doise At The Door". This was likely an old name as official uploads of the track elsewhere already used "Impasta Syndrome", and it was quickly fixed in a patch. This makes it the first track in the Sound Test to have its name be corrected.
  • Mr. Sauceman, one of the composers, has his name missing the period after the "Mr" abbreviation, resulting in him being named "MrSauceman" instead. The character set however supports the period character.



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