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Strongcold is the Peppino's Xmas Break exclusive level in Pizza Tower. Strongcold is a Christmas-themed version Bloodsauce Dungeon. The Player starts at the very bottom of the Dungeon, which has been switched out to be hotter than usual. The normal hellish parts are now cooled down to the point that it is snowing. At the very end of the level, the Player and The Noise have a mini boss-battle. After beating The Noise a small room that is of the early version of Pizzascare, which leads directly to Pillar John.


This level contains the following enemies:


  • Bomb — initiated by getting an Bomb thrown at by the Pizza Box Goblin enemy
  • Firebutt — initiated by jumping into Boiling Sauce
  • Ball — initiated by getting kicked by Pepperoni Goblin enemy
  • Knight — initiated by getting zapped by a Pizzard or pulling the Sword Stone.





Is in the second room, being behind Bomb Block. The player has to ground pound to get Pizza Box Goblin up the platforms to get a bomb.


Heading to the third room, the Toppin' can be easily spotted being behind breakable blocks right on the path.


Inside of the seventh room, the Toppin' is located below cheese blocks, and blocked by a Metal Block. The player is required to use a Pizzard to turn into a knight, to break the Metal Block.


In the eight room, the Toppin' is close to entrance of the Box of Pizzas, heading to the left immediately leads to it.


The 5th one is right above the entrance of the box full of pizzas, protected by a Pizza Cutter.

Tower Secret Treasure


Treassure door is located in the fourth room. It's above a row of Cheese Blocks, the Player is required to superjump as quickly as possible before the Cheese Blocks disappear.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

The first secret is in the third room, being behind Hidden Breakable Blocks, located near right wall with big hole in it.

In this secret, the Player has to wall run then ground pound to get the Pizza Points.

Secret Eye 2

The second secret is in the first room with Ice Blocks, being behind a Fake Wall on the right. The player has to get Knight transformation, then jump over Ice Blocks to reach a set of them that are on the right. After doing so the Player must use the three Ice Blocks there to break the Fake Wall.

In this secret, the player has to jump on top of a wall, roll, climb up a Ladder and get the Pizza Points.

Secret Eye 3

The third secret is in the room after first room with Ice Blocks, being inside Box of Pizzas on top of the ceiling. The Player has to run break through a Hidden Breakable Block to get to it.

In this secret, the player has to collect Pizza Points while trying to avoid getting slipped by 'Ice Blocks.

Secret Eye 4

The fourth secret is in the second room after first room with 'Ice Blocks, near the end of the room behind fake walls on the left.

In this secret, the Player has to jump on boiling sauce to reach Pizza Points, while avoiding getting hit by Outlets.

Secret Eye 5

The fifth secret is in the final room before The Noise boss fight, being behind a Hidden Breakable Block on the left.

In this secret, the player has to get through big wall of Pizza Points.

Secret Eye 6

The final secret is located during Pizza Time, in a room right before the exit gate, being on the bottom behind Small Hidden Breakable Block the player has to roll through.

In this secret, the player jump on top of Boiling Sauce while collecting Pizza Points.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Meatophobia
ClascyJitto – Teeth Dust In The Strongcold
Mr. Sauceman – Pumpin' Hot Stuff (Early)
Mr. Sauceman – There's a bone in my spaghetti! (Early)
ClascyJitto – hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :)


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Strongcold.
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  • There is a cut track that was planned to be used for this level known as "The Tower Ultimatum", based on the level music of Bloodsauce Dungeon and the pilotredsun's "Grinch's Ultimatum". It is unused because they could not get permission from pilotredsun for the use of his music.
  • The room "It's Claus!" is also a nod to Grinch's Ultimatum, in which there is a scene featuring a gif of Santa Claus with the flashing text "It's Claus!"
  • This is the last level that was made public on
  • The last room after The Noise's boss fight and right before Pizza Time starts is a nod to Pizzascare from Noise's Hardoween, even going down to have the same background and music as that level.
  • After Peppino's Xmas Break, this level was repurposed as a bonus level, being mildly updated until the April 2021 Build, where its final update came in the form of adding Gerome and his door.
  • Although this level's still in the files of the full game, the game crashes as soon as the Noise Miniboss fight starts, due to a parent not being set for the Noise Bomb. However, the level is still beatable as being very close to Santa as he reveals himself as The Noise and pulls out the Noise Bomb, the Player will be pushed into a wall and the miniboss will start. Losing the miniboss crashes the game.
  • The second room's background has a not perfectly aligned background, It's easy to spot when getting to the 6th secret.





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