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The Noise plays almost the same as Peppino, although he has a set of special moves:


The Noise, like any other playable character, can navigate at high speeds using his skateboard.


By holding down midair, The Noise can spin into a drill move, killing enemies in the process, as long as the player is holding down, the player can stay in this state for as long as they wish, exiting this state reverts to a Mach 3 state.

Wall Bounce

Instead of wall-climbing, The Noise can bounce off walls up to 5 times in a row, before finally losing all his altitude, to retain his speed upon landing, the player can hold down the dash key until landing.

Midair Spin

While doing a Wall Bounce, the player can press the Grab key and the opposite direction to dash to the other side, this can come in handy when jumping from wall to wall.

Noise Crusher

The player can press the up key midair to launch upwards and perform a ground pound using his trusty "Noise Crusher", this move breaks Metal Blocks from any heights, having an use in Gnome Forest, and is cancellable by pressing X.


Pressing both the Up key and X, The Noise can do an uppercut, this move allows him to launch at insane heights, killing enemies that block the way.



Instead of hitting the wall and losing all momentum, The player can bounce off the walls while sliding and keep their momentum.


Instead of having to throw the bomb into Stupid Rats, the player must walk into one to blow the Rats up.


The player can move using the arrow keys, although they can gain a boost of speed for a few seconds by pressing X, this move can be used to destroy Breakable Blocks and Ghost Blocks when eating 3 Ghost Peppers.


Instead of Mort lying on his head, The Noise decides to violently grab Mort and can throw him into Stupid Rats using X, before picking him up again.


The Noise can go up walls using the Barrel, he also has uncapped momentum while rolling.


The Noise stands in place to consume the rocket, and then gets the transformation, The noise can bounce off walls with the Rocket.


Instead of the Pig Cops strapping him with a Hamkuff, The Noise makes the Cops spin around them before they get launched in a direction, destroying obstacles in the way, including Metal Blocks.

Rat Ballon

The Noise consumes the Rat Ballon and the player has to hold jump to flap upwards.


During the normally accessible by Gustavo & Brick sections, The Noise gets some new gloves to cling onto the Grindrails. The controls for this move are the same as Gustavo's.

Mini Noise

The player can hold up to fly in the air, and X to attack using the skateboard.


Instead of the player gaining the ability to spin midair when consuming a Pepper Pizza, The Noise drinks a strange liquid after entering the level, and never gets cold at all, he can also spin mid-air, getting The Pepper Pizza makes Noise able to shoot homing fireballs at enemies that go through walls and become invincible.


When The Noise equips the Minigun, he can now shoot multiple ammo at once using X, consisting of sausages. Ground pounding with the Minigun results in Noise shooting a couple sausages downward, before launching himself.



This piece of clothing is obtained by spamming The Noise Crusher and cancelling it multiple times, which results in The Noise being able to fly. It's appearance is mostly blue.


Obtaining this clothing requires the player to use their Drill move and kill 4 enemies in a row, this is easily and quickly done in Bloodsauce Dungeon, in the room right before the cold parts of the dungeon. The clothing's appearance is mostly red.


To obtain this outfit, the player has to get a P rank in any level, but before exiting the level, the player must taunt exactly 10 times and then pass through the door. This can be easily achieved in Ancient Cheese, since a Pepperoni Goblin spawns right next to the exit, allowing the player to have enough tile to achieve the 10 taunts. The outfit's appearance is mostly purple.


If the player wishes to obtain this outfit, they have to complete John Gutter under 4 minutes with a D rank. This outfit is gold colored, with the cape becoming colored bright yellow.

Critic, Outlaw, Anti-Doise, Flesh Eater and Super

All of these outfits are unlocked by finishing each world's bossfight, without letting a single Noise Bomb miss any hittable targets.

  • Critic is obtained by completing this challenge with Pepperman, The Noise's cape becomes lime and his clothing is red.
  • Outlaw is unlocked by completing this challenge with Vigilante, The Noise's cape is turned gold and the clothing becomes brown.
  • Anti-Doise is obtained by finishing this challenge with The Doise, The clothing turns pink and the cape is blue.
  • Flesh Eater is obtained by completing this challenge with Fake Peppino, The cape is white and the clothing is skin-colored.
  • Super is unlocked by completing this challenge in the final bossfight, the appearance of this clothing is mostly white.

Fast Porcupine

This clothing is unlocked by beating the game under 2 hours and getting the "Slow down, Nerd!" review. This outfit has a huge similarity to Snick, with The Noise being covered in purple and his cape being red.

Feminine Side

Unlocked by spending 90 bucks on the Noisette bunny, which appears after beating the game. Noise's clothing becomes pink and the cape is red.

Real Doise

To unlock this outfit, the player must breakdance on Doise's corpse in the final boss, The Noise gets the exact palette of Doise's

Forest Goblin

This outfit is unlocked by not killing a single Noise Goblin in Gnome Forest. Upon wearing it, The Noise will have a huge similarity to a Noise Goblin.


To unlock this pattern, the player must simply complete the game as Noise faster than in a Peppino save file. The Noise gets a checkerboard pattern, sharing similarity to one of a racing flag.


If the player wishes to unlock this pattern, they must breakdance in any bossfight for 10 seconds straight, this is easily done during Pepperman's ground pound attacks, since they're avoidable without jumping. This pattern consists of smiling faces and Noise's cape becoming brown.


This pattern is obtained by slipping on Banana Peels 10 times in a single playthrough. This pattern consists of multiple bananas and the cape staying the same.

Noise TV

This outfit is unlocked by achieving 50 combo before Pizza Time begins. It consists of multiple, white circles with "N" written on them.


Unlocked by finishing a level while Pizzaface is near the player, Pizzaface is summoned by activating Pizza Time and waiting for it to end. This pattern consists of multiple lines, green and pink, scattered around seemingly without a consistent pattern, the cape becomes lime.


To unlock this outfit, the player must go into every Olive Bubble in Deep-Dish 9, including the ones in secrets, specifically the 1st and 3rd ones. This pattern consists of multiple circles with a color scheme of pink, lime and bright yellow.

Well Done

Unlocked by getting hit by every cow in Oregano Desert. The pattern consists of multiple black patches, referencing a cow's skin.

Granny Kisses

Unlocked by interacting with every Pizza Granny in the game. The pattern consists of multiple pink lips.

Tower Guy

Unlocked by sighting every PTG in the levels. This pattern consists of continous purple bricks, and The Noise's cape becomes light purple.

Boss Fights

Instead of using his grab, The Noise is able to use his Noise Bombs to attack the bosses, allowing for some useful combos. This move also replaces the Revolver transformation.

  • When playing as The Noise and entering The 3rd world's boss gate, the player can fight The Doise.
    • The player can only battle The Doise once, before Peddito takes him off the arena and murders him.
    • This results in the fact that during the final boss, Pizzahead throws his dead corpse onto the arena, when it's his turn to fight, the corpse just stays there for a few seconds before dropping off the map.
  • If the player enters The Doise's boss gate again, he will be met with The Doise's corpse lying on the floor, with flies flying around it.
    • The Doise can be resurrected by taunting in front of the gate 3 times.
  • During the final boss rush, The Noise enters a Super State and keeps throwing Noise Bombs at every boss, showing a crazy and insane expression.
    • This can be a nod to Hyper Sonic/Super Sonic from the Sonic Franchise, or a nod to Goku's Super Saiyan forms.
  • In the end of the boss rush, The Noise drops a gigantic Noise Bomb onto the stage, resulting in Pizzahead screaming out of despair before getting burned into ashes along with Noise himself. After this, The Pizza Tower will start to crumble down.