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File Names

I haven't added the new guidelines yet, but please avoid using short or bare minimum filenames. Miraheze has default images for its wiki, and with the image transfer not being done yet, other images appear on pages instead.

For a basic rundown, the following examples are filenames that are allowed:

  • ptSeptember2021_JohnGutter-1.png
  • PizzaTower-spr_player_idle.png
  • tourdepizza_spriterip_explosion.png
  • Windows-PizzaTower-desert_1.png

And the following examples are filenames that are not allowed:

  • Uhm.png
  • spr_player_idle.png
  • ermmm_what_the_blast.png
  • desert_1.png

Note that the rules may change. --MaxiBash (talk) 08:36, 5 August 2023 (UTC)Reply