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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Western Build is a build of Pizza Tower. It was released on April 26th, 2020.


This build added the Fun Farm and Space Pinball levels, along with a completely finished Wasteyard.

This build also added The Vigilante as a playable character and nerfed Peppino's superjump to make the players explore more parts of the level, otherwise every level would be easy.

Differences in Movesets


Peppino's superjump was nerfed, but later patched in Western Build v2, but with another small nerf. You can find more information about it here.

The Vigilante

The Vigilante became playable, but he has a health system and is unable to use any transformations besides the ball transformation. You can find more information about it here.


World 1

  • Entrance
  • Pizzascape
  • The Ancient Cheese
  • Bloodsauce Dungeon

World 2

  • Oregano Desert
  • The Wasteyard
  • Fun Farm
  • Space Pinball

World Extras

  • Pizzascare
  • Strongcold
  • Dragon Lair