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Galleries showcase various depictions of a subject of the article, and it is important they are able to display their visual information in a clear and concise manner.

Animations, gallery size, and organization

Many animations throughout Pizza Tower are separated into two to three parts: start, loop, and/or end. Depending on the length of the length of the start and end segments of an animation, it may be necessary to combine the animation into one file. A general, non-strict rule of thumb to keep in mind is if the start or end part of an animation is roughly 7 frames or less, it should be combined with the looping segment. When combining it with its loop segment, have the looping segment repeat at least two times. If the loop segment is three frames, have it loop at least three times instead.

Some animations will be split into multiple parts within the game's files, and its loop segment will be at the start and/or end. The same principle can be applied here.

Please note that combining these animations requires one to understand how to create a GIF. See file guidelines for further reference.

Galleries are able to have a set width and height, however they may not need their size to be set. If multiple sprites in a section share the same width, set the width in the gallery tag (<gallery widths="100"> ... </gallery>). Heights should not be defined within a gallery tag.

Many images share a purpose within Pizza Tower. Images should be organized by purpose within a gallery. For example, idle animations should be categorized under an Idles header, mach run animations under a Mach Running header, etc. If multiple, unrelated animations are left at the end, placing them under a Miscellaneous header suffices. Promotional, concept, and developer art should get their own headers as well.

Combined animation examples


When writing a caption for an image, be descriptive in a concise manner. Do not go in depth about certain aspects of the image, as it would no longer be a simple caption. At most, a caption can have two sentences. Generally state the action(s) being preformed by the subject, and if applicable, the environment shown in the image. If an image depicts something outdated (i.e. a design), do make note of it.

Sprite names should not be included within the caption. Ideally, the sprite's file name when uploaded to the wiki will include it. However, due to previously forking from FANDOM, this may not be the case. Instead of including the sprite name in the caption, the relevant image file should be renamed according to the filename guidelines. While many use the wiki as a reputable resource, it is not a resource for sprites for modding. A good resource for finding sprites to edit can be seen at the Spriter's Resource instead.

Pre-release, unused images & artwork galleries

Galleries dedicated to pre-release and unused images should be in the article's pre-release sub-page and follow the structure of a regular gallery. Galleries with concept art also belong on an article's pre-release sub-page. Promotional and developer art can be included in the main gallery.