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This is a page listing every enemy in Pizza Tower. This page includes the first level they are seen in, and their first debut in any of the builds. For unused enemies, see scrapped enemies.


Tower Lobby

Name Behaviour Level Debut Build Debut


Nothing. Does not increase Combo count, but replenishes Combo timer. Respawns upon re-entering the room. Tutorial Halloween Demo

Pillar John

Stays in place in one spot in every level except for WAR, Tricky Treat, and Secrets of The World. Defeating him starts Pizza Time.


Wanders around. Does not hurt the player. John Gutter Early Test Build


Wanders and hurts the player upon contact in the front. Will not hurt if approached at Mach 3 or more. Halloween Demo

Swedish Monkey

Wanders and occasionally eats a banana and tosses its peel behind. Stepping on the peel will make the player slip. Entrance (Build)

Mini John

Runs and chases after the player, occasionally throwing a punch. Usually appears during Pizza Time, but in some levels like Wasteyard he may appear from the ground. Cannot be scared. Feburary 2020 Patreon Build

Pepperoni Goblin

Wanders and kicks the player if near, giving them the Ball transformation. Pizzascape Blue Block Land

Pizza Box Goblin

Wanders and throws bombs if the player if near. The bombs can be grabbed by the player. Ancient Cheese Early Test Build


Stays in place until approached, then charges towards the player. SAGE 2019 Demo

Flying Anchovy

Flies in place until approached, then charges towards the player. It continues forward until it hits a wall, where it is briefly stunned. Bloodsauce Dungeon Blue Block Land

Western District

Name Behaviour Level Debut Build Debut

Tribe Cheese

Wanders until spotting the player, where it briefly stops before throwing an axe. If near a totem pole, it will dance around it, making the totem active. Oregano Desert Desert (Build, 2019)

Totem Cloud

Stays in place and occasionally strikes lightning that will hurt the player upon contact. Can be disabled upon deactivating a totem pole. Rework

Kentucky Kenny

Wanders until spotting the player, to which they will toss a spicy chicken wing towards them. Catching it gives the player the Firemouth transformation. Desert (Build, 2019)


Wanders around while hovering. Western Build


Sits behind a counter in a Pizzamart. Does nothing, even upon being approached at Mach 3 or more. Octobe22

Bandito Chicken

Sleeps peacefully in place until approached by the player, to which it attempts to flee by running away. While running, it will occasionally drop explosive bones that will damage the player. Wasteyard Graveyard Playtest

Mushroom Ghost

floats in place, and upon coming into contact with the player, will turn them into the Ghost transformation. It is invincible and thus cannot be defeated. April Build (2021)


Flies in place until spotting the player, where it will swoop down from above as an attack. Eggplant

John Ghost

Chases after the player. Upon contact, it sends both to the point where the player entered the room.

Potato Farmer

Stays in place until approached, then charges towards the player. Fun Farm


Stands in place. If the player approaches from below, it throws three sickles below. If approached on the same level ground, it will charge towards the player.


Stands in place if isolated/confined. If the player approaches from above, it tosses a torch, giving the player the Firebutt transformation. When it is not confined, it will charge towards the player upon being approached. Upon contact from the front, it will also give the player the Firebutt transformation. March Build Part 1 (2019)

Electric Potato

Floats in place and hurts the player if touched. It can only be destroyed with the Mort transformation. Fun Farm Rework

Ranch Shooter

Stands in place. Shoots at the player when approached. Fastfood Saloon Graveyard Playtest

Bad Rat

Wanders until approached, then it will lunge at the player. Rework

Vacation Resort

Name Behaviour Level Debut Build Debut


Wanders around and damages the player if touched from the top. Taunts alongside the player but for slightly longer. Crust Cove Halloween Demo

Spit Cheese

Stays in place and spits spikey cheeseballs in an arc towards the player when near. January Build (2019)

Cannon Pizza Goblin

Wanders around, shooting bombs in a straight line at the player. Does not hurt the player on contact. Beach and Forest

Captain Pizza Goblin

Appears on the bottom left of the screen and shoots cannonballs from above. Rework

Treasure Chest Guy

Stays in place until approached by the player, which then it runs away. Upon defeat, it rewards the player with 200 Pizza Points in increments of 10. Beach and Forest

Noise Goblin

Wanders until approached by the player. Upon being approached, it will stop and shoot arrows at the player. Gnome Forest


Wanders until the player is nearby. It disappears, teleports to the player's location and reappears, damaging them.


Wanders and shoots lightning bolts when approached by the player. SAGE 2019 Demo

Olive Trooper

Wanders and shoots olive-shaped atoms at the player when approached. Deep-Dish 9 April Build (2021)

Big Cheese

Stays in place waiting for either the player or Greaseball to land on it. On contact, it will launch the Player, giving the Ball transformation, (or Greaseball) in the direction it is facing. GOLF (Level) January Build (2019)

Golf Demon

Sits in place until approached, then chases the player. Cannot be scared, hit by another enemy (except Greaseball) or grabbed while chasing. Can be parried. Rework

Burger Golfer

Wanders around. Hits Greaseball behind it if he's nearby.


Wanders and hurts the player upon contact in the front. Will not hurt if approached at Mach 3 or more. The Noise (Arena) March Build Part 1 (2019)


Name Behaviour Level Debut Build Debut

Pizza Slug

Wanders and coughs harmful smoke when approached by the player. The Pig City April Build (2021)


Stands in place. When approached by the player, it cuffs the player with a rope made of sausages that can be destroyed by building up to Mach 3 and turning. When playing as Gustavo, it captures Brick when nearby instead and the player must defeat Hamkuff in order to regain Brick. Rework

Shrimp Thug

Chases the player and occasionally dashes forward and throws a punch. Elite variants throw knives at the player instead. April Build (2021)


Has 3 different behaviors. Will either stand in place and slap the player, charge towards the player with a shoulder bash when approached, or dash at the player. Peppibot Factory Demo 2


Wanders around. Elite variants upon defeat drop a can that shoots a fist towards the player. Early Test Build

Giant Slime

Stands in place. It will spit out a cheeseball at the player when standing near it, turning them into the Cheeseball transformation. It can't be defeated. Oh Shit! Eggplant

Ninja Slice

Sits in place disguised as a Pizzaboy cutout until approached, first attacking with an uppercut. It tries to space itself from the player when near, occasionally approaching with rapid kicks. Can appear in different colors. January Build (2019)


Slides around and damages the player from the front. Cannot be scared. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator April Build (2021)


Stays in place shoots icicles in four directions when approached. Cannot be scared. March Build Part 1 (2019)

Fake Santa

Hovers around the player and drops Snowmen. Can only be defeated through a Super Taunt or by hitting him with an enemy. Rework

Staff Only

Name Behaviour Level Debut Build Debut


Wanders and damages the player from the front. Cannot be defeated without the Exorcist's cross or the shotgun. Pizzascare Rework

Ghost King

Hovers around the player and possesses certain objects near the player.

Pepperoni Goblin Bat

Hangs from the ceiling until the player is nearby. It will fly down to the player and kick them into the Ball transformation, then head back to its spot on the ceiling.


Bounces around. Bumps the player back upon contact. Cannot be scared. Don't Make A Sound April Build (2021)

Toppin Monsters

Each has their own unique behavior, but ultimately all chase the player upon being activated by an alarm. Being caught by any except the Pinapple Toppin Monster sends the player back to where they entered the room with the Animatronic transformation and forces them to lose 50 Pizza Points in increments of 10.


Wanders and patrols the area it is in. If it spots the player, unless it is defeated within 5 seconds, it will sound an alarm. If a Toppin Monster is in the room, it will wake them. Taunting in its line of sights immediately sounds their alarm. Eggplant

Flying Patroller

Same behavior as a grounded Patroller, except it stays in place in the air.


Slowly flies towards the player. Damages the player upon contact. Can only be defeated by parrying or with a shotgun. Early Test Build

Pizza Soldier

Hides in a bush until approached by the player. After revealing itself, it wanders and fires its machine gun at the player. Cannot be scared. WAR April Build (2021)

Cardboard Tank

Stands in place and fires missles that home in on the player. The missles can be used to defeat Stupid Rats. Cannot be scared. Beach and Forest

Kentucky Bomber

Flies horizontally and drops explosive hot wings. These do not give the player any transformation and instead damages them. Can be scared. Rework

Peppino Clone

Follows the player and attacks by licking them. Only its actual defeat will add to the combo count. Respawns from invisible Enemy Spawners after being hit will only refresh the combo meter. Cannot be scared.

Secret Enemies

Most enemies here appear in various secret rooms in the Hub. However, all but Grandpa do not do anything without modifying the game.

Name Behaviour Location Build Debut

Camembert Squire

Charges towards the player until it hits a wall, where it becomes stunned. Upon defeat, it leaves behind the Weenie Mount that the player can use. Old Tower, Tower Lobby Feburary 2020 Patreon Demo

Meatball Boulder

Hangs from a fork on the ceiling and drops down if the player ground pounds. It will roll around endlessly afterwards. It cannot be defeated, however it can be grabbed. Ravine, Western District April Build (2021)

Grandpa Pepper

Rocks in place and punches the player when approached. He cannot be killed as Peppino through any means except the Knight and Ghost transformations. If you are playing as The Noise, you instantly kill him. First room in The Pig City

Mr. Car

Stays parked in place. When hit at Mach 2 or faster, it flies away in a straight line and explodes once it hits a solid object.

Noise Satellite

Sits in place. Destroying it starts Pizza Time. Wash N' Clean, Staff Only Demo 2


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Audio Description Additional Note
Pencer, Flying Anchovy, Peasanto, Eggplantmobile

and Potato Farmer's charging sound.

Bad Rat's Attacking Sound.
Pizza Slug's coughing sound. Also heard during the intermissions between switching to Gustavo or The Noise's clone.
Bandito Chicken's sound when awakened by the player.
Peppibot's steam sound when slapping the player.
Fake Santa's laughing sound.
Pepperoni Goblin Bat's sound when swinging his wings.
Peppino Clone's attack sound. A stock frog sound.
Patroller and/or Flying Patroller alerting the player to the

Toppin Monsters.

Plays when Tribe Cheese's axe is still being fly in arc.
File:Sfx enemyprojectile.wav
Enemies throw out their projectile.
Mini John's Punch, Gabaghoul's diving sound or Ninja Slice's kick sound.
Pickle's attacking sound.
Ranch Shooter shoot out a pistol. This sound effect can actually

be heard in the background of "Tombstone Arizona",

the main theme of Wasteyard. Also played when Elite Pizza Slugs attack the player.

Golf Demon's sound after spotted the player.
Pizzard's eletrical bolt's sound.
Olive Trooper fire out olive-shaped atom.
Piraneapple being summoned by Pineapple Monster.
Piraneapple attempt to bite the player when touched the dangerous water.
Cardboard Tank's homing missile sound.
Noise Goblin fire out his bow.
Mushroom Monster's walking sound.
Cheese Monster's walking sound.
Toppin Monsters's jumpscare sound.
Fake Santa's present falling down.
Mini John coming out of the ground.
Play when defeating any enemy (unused)