Pizza Lady

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Pizza Lady is an enemy in Pizza Tower that was scrapped during development.


She would have the appearance of a humanoid pizza slice that has a cheese tail along with two arms and a face with big lips. She would wear 2 tomatoes as female breasts. She also would have 2 pepperoni slices on both sides of her face which would represent cheeks.


She would sit in one spot and would have the ability to throw kisses at the player when around her attack radius. If the kiss landed on Peppino, it would activate a confused/flustered effect.

Although it's uncertain what the effect would truly do, it would likely make Peppino walk away with the inability to control him, probably used to make traps or lose time during the Pizza Time, judging by the function shown in her concept art.


  • The effect that the Pizza Lady could produce is currently the only one from the "Bad Status" sketch that has never been included during the development.