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60 hours a week guarding some run-down tower and I don't even gets paid vacation? Howsabout we take this out back an discuss it?"
— Weenie (via Toppinbot)

Weenie is an enemy in Pizza Tower. It's a sausage with legs wearing a fedora and smoking a cigar.


Peppino getting attacked by a fist dropped from a red Weenie.

Two variants of Weenie exist: brown and a red. The brown variant, similarly to the Cheeseslime, moves around and doesn't damage the player upon contact. The red Elite variant behaves the same, but drops a can with "Whoop" written on it. This can releases a fist that moves towards the player's direction. The fist disappears after travelling a specific distance. Parrying the fist sends it in the opposite direction.

Appears in


Normal Weenie

In Early Test Build and subsequent builds, the Weenie's behaviour is completely different, lacking any special abilities. The enemy cannot be killed and drops toppings worth 50 points when damaged by the player. The enemy will stand for a bit when appearing on screen or after taking damage, after which they'll start walking. The enemy can be stunned by dashing into it - which will send it rolling destroying Breakable Blocks in its path, jumped onto or grabbed and thrown by pressing . Holding any of the directional buttons down ( or ) allows the player to throw the enemy into any direction.

In Rework, only red Weenies are present and played a significant role in driving the scrapped Meat Grinder mechanic. If the player encounters a Meat Grinder, they're supposed to take a Weenie with them and place them on top. Once done successfully, the Meat Grinder drops a (placeholder) Meat Block, allowing the player to progress further into the stage.

Smoked Weenie

Smoked Weenie's Walking Animation

Smoked Weenie has a similar behavior to Normal Weenie, except smokes a lit cigar that can damage the player. Additionally, the Smoked Weenie was colored red in the version 1. The color was changed to brown in version 2 so the player could tell the difference between the two.

After Demo 2, Smoked Weenie was hidden in the game code and was never used again at some level..


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  • The enemy's original name is Sausageman, as seen by his leftover early object and sprite names. It's never been confirmed whether this name is a reference to Mr. Sauceman.
  • The enemy's design is a leftover based on Peter from Weenie Cop, with both characters wearing a hat and striking similar a resemblance in the eyes and hanging lip.
  • The enemy has the most sprites - including unused ones - compared to any other regular enemy in the game.






Smoked Weenie