Code of Conduct

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The Pizza Tower Wiki is a space for anyone to learn about, or help document Pizza Tower. Below are a set of rules that must be followed before using the wiki. Please also note that you must be at least 15 years old before contributing.

  • Vandalism or the spread of misinformation on any level is not tolerated.
    • Do assume good faith at first. Chances are someone is editing to help the wiki and made a mistake. Correct it and let the user know.
  • Do not include any member of Tour de Pizza's real name in any article for any reason unless said member has actively made it public on their own terms.
  • The creation of alternate accounts (or sock puppetry) is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Do not partake in edit wars. If there is a disagreement, discuss it on the wiki or in the Discord server.
  • Plagiarism is forbidden.
  • Use talk pages appropriately. Do remember that this is not Fandom.
  • Ask before creating a new page. Sometimes missing pages already have been made, or are being drafted by somebody.

Punishments taken on the wiki may also apply on the Discord server with no appeals.

Grammar, Spelling and Formatting

This wiki uses Canadian English. Please make sure to use proper spelling and grammar when contributing to the wiki. This includes proper punctuation and capitalization.

Avoid using second-person pronouns (i.e. you, yourself, etc). When referring to someone who plays the game, refer to them as "the player."


  • Bad: You're tasked to destroy the evil Pizza Tower.
  • OK: The player is tasked to destroy the evil Pizza Tower.

Please keep in mind how to format text, and preview before submitting an edit.

Unused or Upcoming Content

Ever since the Pumpkin Hunt update, content presumably leftover from a future content update has been leftover in the files. Current wiki policy is to not document these for now. This will change in the future.

Fan content

The main focus of Pizza Tower Wiki's scope is official content relating to Pizza Tower. The wiki's coverage of fan content (also known as fanon) is limited to fan content that has been officially licensed or endorsed by Tour de Pizza. Articles with such coverage can use the template {{fan content}} at the top of the article. Examples of official licensing or endorsement include:

  • Inclusion within the game itself;
  • Fan content sold as merchandise through publishers that officially license merchandise from developers and publishers (e.g. Fangamer);
  • A formally written acknowledgment by Tour de Pizza that declares the content to be canon or a tie-in.

Documentation on fanworks that are not officially licensed or endorsed is better suited for Fanlore, a wiki that documents fanworks and fan communities. Fanlore both has a page on the Pizza Tower fan community and a dedicated Pizza Tower category.