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This is a page listing every song composed for Pizza Tower. The official soundtrack contains 73 used and 39 unused songs, while this page also contains songs that are not in the OST. Some of these songs were either included in previous versions of the game, or were scrapped entirely but published to SoundCloud.

The official soundtrack was released on February 1, 2023 on Bandcamp, Steam, and on SoundCloud from their respective composers. On April 29, 2023, the OST was uploaded on YouTube under the label Materia Collective, and was released to Spotify and Apple Music on May 6, 2023.

Used Songs

Note: In cases where there is an external link and multiple names, the linked track name is the most recent name given to it.

Soundcloud Thumbnail Song Use/Purpose Composer Notes
Time for a Smackdown! Opening theme Mr. Sauceman Uses leitmotifs from Pizza Mayhem.
Pizza Deluxe! File select screen Post Elvis Most of the voice samples used to be of Wario's voice in an earlier version.
Leaning Dream Pause screen ClascyJitto (Frostix) This song samples drums from both Rav's "MAKESHIFT EDEN" and Rare Earth's "I Just Want To Celebrate".

The outdated version is very different from the new version, being roughly 2 minutes in length. Simply referred to as "Space" on the Steam Soundtrack, which was the name of the song back when it was meant to be used in Deep-Dish 9 before getting replaced by Extraterrestrial Wahwahs. It was later repurposed as the pause screen music.

funiculi holiday Tutorial ClascyJitto Made to replace Dim Widdy's cover of "Funiculi, Funicula" used in the game previously. The name of this song uses uppercase on the SoundCloud upload despite being in all lowercase everywhere else.
Mondays Tower Lobby Mr. Sauceman
Unearthly Blues John Gutter Mr. Sauceman Originally named "From The Top." The stock screams used near the end are the same ones used in Hot Spaghetti. Older versions of the song include a voice sample of President Koopa, played by Dennis Hopper in the Super Mario Bros. Movie from 1993, saying the word "Monkey", along with a voice sample of Jim grumbling after getting a game over from Earthworm Jim.
An Entrance Secret John Gutter Secret ClascyJitto
Meatophobia When a player is near Pillar John / Final Judgement / Bacon room Mr. Sauceman Originally only played at the end of Bloodsauce Dungeon. The song itself is a heavily slowed down version of an orchestra hit sample being played at two different pitches.
It's Pizza Time! Pizza Time (except for The Crumbling Tower of Pizza) Mr. Sauceman The "Hello there" voice sample, clock ticks, and bells used in the pre-release versions are from Wario Land 4. First appeared in the Early Test Build and has gone through several revisions, with the first version using some of Wario's voice samples. In the release version, the "hello there" sample was replaced by an imitation voiced by Kyoobot.
The Death That I Deservioli Pizza Time (Lap 2) Mr. Sauceman The oldest version which can be played in the Halloween Demo's party room was titled "Escape Theme 2". Another old variant was once used as the music for the Mansion level's scrapped Pepperman boss. One more old version of this song is known to exist, which went by the name "Nonagression", that's closer to the final game's version but has several different instruments and additional vocals. Was once planned to be used when the combo counter went above 50 before the W rank system was scrapped.
Your Fat Ass Slows You Down Time's Up screen Mr. Sauceman
Victorious Degenerate Rank Screen Mr. Sauceman The last second of the D Rank variant of this theme was originally cut off in-game (from Demo 2 - Hardoween - Eggplant Build) and couldn't be heard normally.
Hot Spaghetti Pizzascape Mr. Sauceman Includes some stock screams that were also used in Earthworm Jim's "What The Heck" muzak section. Said level takes place in Hell, which is what the name "Hot Spaghetti" may be referencing. An older version with less instruments was used in Demo 2.
Cold Spaghetti Pizzascape Mr. Sauceman First appeared in Demo 1 and has gone through perhaps the most iterations of all Pizza Tower songs. Originally contained a different intro and used Wario voice samples before several more replacements were done.
hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :) [sic]/ A Medieval Secret Pizzascape/Pizzascare Secret ClascyJitto Was originally a universal secret theme to be used in all levels before they each got their own.
Theatrical Shenanigans Ancient Cheese Mr. Sauceman The oldest of all stage music in Pizza Tower, dating back to the Early Test Build. The song in this version was used all the way until the Boss v1 Build where it was replaced by a new revision with a softer sax instrument as the main melody. The name of this track would change multiple times throughout development, some of its earlier titles including "One Pizza at a Time" and "In Search of Pizza".
Put On A Show!! Ancient Cheese ClascyJitto
A Secret Under The Debris / A Ruin Secret Ancient Cheese Secret ClascyJitto
Dungeon Freakshow Bloodsauce Dungeon ClascyJitto The main bassline of the song is remarkably similar to the bassline from The Beastie Boys' Intergalactic. Until the Eggplant Build, there were less filler instruments.
A Hidden Pepperoni In The Cage / A Dungeon Secret Bloodsauce Dungeon Secret ClascyJitto
Pepperman Strikes! Pepperman battle Mr. Sauceman The older version used in Demo 1 had a much more "retro" aesthetic. Its original name was Threat On a Leaning Tower.
Tuesdays Western District Mr. Sauceman
Oregano Mirage Oregano Desert ClascyJitto Originally named "Ancient Tower". This song was used to troll viewers twice on ClascyJitto's YouTube channel before the actual song was uploaded.
Oregano UFO Oregano Desert ClascyJitto
A Grain of Bread in a Grain of Sand / A Desert Secret Oregano Desert Secret ClascyJitto
Tombstone Arizona Wasteyard Mr. Sauceman This song is named after Tombstone, Arizona. Their motto is "The Town Too Tough To Die", which refers to its history of violent gunfights.
An Undead Secret Wasteyard Secret ClascyJitto
Mort's Farm Fun Farm ClascyJitto The version that played on Thing of the Week 9 is different than the one in-game, featuring a louder whistle that was softened after several complaints.

This song's main melody was taken from Jason's Theme from Home Movies.

What's on the Kids Menu? Fun Farm ClascyJitto This song was originally planned to be used for Don't Make A Sound, while the level was called Kids' Party (thus the name).
A Secret In The Chicken Fun Farm Secret ClascyJitto This was the first PT Song on ClascyJitto's channel to contain a spin-off of the "missing pizza tower ost disc" running gag on her channel, that being the CD being so comically big that it's as large as the video window.
Yeehaw DeliveryBoy Fast Food Saloon ClascyJitto This song was originally purposed for Wasteyard.

The "(I) don't understand what's going on here" sample was popularised by Hideki Naganuma's track Sneakman from Jet Set Radio . This song has an unused alternate outro which can be listened to here.

A Secret in my Boot / A Saloon Secret Fast Food Saloon Secret ClascyJitto Its name references Woody's famous line from Toy Story, "There's a snake in my boot."
Calzonification The Vigilante battle Mr. Sauceman The song's name may be a nod to the song "Californication" by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It may also be a reference to the concept of spaghettification, since a calzone is another Italian food.

Wednesdays Vacation Resort ClascyJitto
Tropical Crust Crust Cove Mr. Sauceman An early version of the song exists which lacks some instruments heard in the final song, as well as the intro.
A Secret in the Sands Crust Cove Secret ClascyJitto The bass in the beginning's background is the same as "hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :)", possibly referencing a well fitting mashup ClascyJitto made between Cold Spaghetti and Tropical Crust.
mmm yess put the tree on my pizza Gnome Forest (Peppino) ClascyJitto The main part of the song uses the same chord progression from Tyler, The Creator's Jamba (0:51).
gustavo Gustavo tutorial ClascyJitto Parts of the song seem to use instruments from the tracks in Papa Louie games.
Wudpecker Gnome Forest (Gustavo) ClascyJitto The leitmotif of "mmm yess put the tree on my pizza" can vaguely be heard throughout the song. Before release, this song was known as "!Gnome Forest?".
Everybody Wants To Be A Secret / A Secret in The Trees Gnome Forest Secret ClascyJitto The title of this song references the lyrics of "Superstar" by Young Thug - a mashup of which with "Sneaky Snitch" by Kevin MacLeod was used in a meme video made by GuyTheMind that used the Gnome Forest title card with the text "Lario" above it.
Extraterrestrial Wahwahs Deep-Dish 9 Mr. Sauceman This song was originally planned for Space Pinball before being moved to Deep-Dish 9.

Older versions of this song featured an entirely different intro. The guitar solo in this song is inspired by the Daft Punk song "Aerodynamic".

An outdated version of the song can be heard in the Western Build.

This song was originally named "Extraterrestrial Wahs", though it was later changed to avoid association with the Mario series' Waluigi.

An Interstellar Secret / An Space Secret / idk what to call this but its da secret in da pinball level Deep-Dish 9 Secret ClascyJitto The old title of this song references the Space Pinball level because the title was decided before the track was moved to Deep-Dish 9.
Good Eatin' GOLF ClascyJitto Was originally composed for a scrapped Restaurant/Kitchen level before the level theme was combined with that of GOLF. There exists an older version with a slightly different melody.
A Secret Hole in One GOLF Secret ClascyJitto
Pumpin' Hot Stuff The Noise battle Mr. Sauceman An older version of this song was used for the Noise mini-boss in the Peppino's Xmas Break demo, titled "Pimpin' Hot Stuff". The older version notably used a Santa Claus-like laugh instead of the maniacal one in the final version.
Ooooh La Belle Noisette! The Noise battle ending cutscene Mr. Sauceman
Thursdays Slum ClascyJitto
Bite the Crust The Pig City (Peppino) Mr. Sauceman Originally used as Oh Shit!'s second song, before being moved into The Pig City instead. The song's name and bassline is a clear nod to "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen and was actually given by PTG himself after Sauceman posted a teaser of it in the TOTW channel.
Way of the Pig The Pig City (Gustavo) Mr. Sauceman Before release and in its filename, this song was named "Way of the Italian".

In an older version, there was a part of the song that used the dog "woof" note from Mario Paint, made famous by Undertale's "dogsong". In the first revision of the song, this is replaced by the cat "meow" note from the same game. In the second revision of the song (used in the final game), pig sounds are used instead.

A Secret In These Streets The Pig City Secret ClascyJitto
Pizza Engineer Peppibot Factory Mr. Sauceman Uses metallic clang and engine sounds for the industrial feel, adding square waves to the mix as well.

The "Somebody scream!" vocal sample used in this song comes from the DJ D2 song La Karabina, and was previously popularised by its use in Second Heaven by Ryu☆.

Peppino's Sauce Machine Peppibot Factory Mr. Sauceman Many people have heard the words "door stuck" in this song, which is a line from a Counter-Strike video from 2007 with the same name. This led to a parody of this song, Peppino's Door Problem, which uses the words "door stuck" from that video. The sample in question actually says "sure shot", with the full sample being "sure shot, from the biggest...". The old version of the song (that Peppino's Door Problem is based on) lacks some instruments.
An Industry Secret Peppibot Factory Secret ClascyJitto
Tubular Trash Zone Oh Shit! Mr. Sauceman An earlier version of this track exists with less instruments and a vastly different guitar solo. The "come on" sample used is the same one used in Sonic 3 for the Genesis. It had a few early titles, such as "Toxic Land Zone" and "Toxic Pepperoni".
A Fecal Secret / A Sewer Secret Oh Shit! Secret ClascyJitto
dont preheat your oven because if you do the song wont play Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator ClascyJitto This song was originally going to be more sinister and dark before ClascyJitto made a completely different song that fit the level more. This song was inspired by Toastopia from the Pikuniku soundtrack. ClascyJitto made a reference to this song in one of her solo works.
Celsius Troubles Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator ClascyJitto
On the Rocks Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator Mr. Sauceman This song is used when Peppino eats the Pepper Pizza found near the level's Pillar John. If the player waits out the full song before entering Pizza Time Celsius Troubles will resume playing. The reason this happens is because this song was never finished, so it doesn't have a proper looping point. Originally intended for a Plains level which was never made.
A Frozen Secret Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator Secret ClascyJitto
Pizza Time Never Ends!! Fake Peppino battle ClascyJitto According to ClascyJitto, the idea given to them for "Pizza Time Never Ends!!" was that it would be "a surreal remix of ['It's Pizza Time!']". They also attribute part of the song's inspiration to the Death Grips song "Voila". [1]
Okay Campers, Rise and Shine! Fake Peppino chase sequence Mr. Sauceman The name of this song is a reference to the movie Groundhog Day according to Mr. Sauceman. In the game's files, the last couple of seconds re-use the ending from Pizza Mayhem, but this is never heard in-game or in any OST release, with the song looping and fading out respectively.
Fridays Staff Only Mr. Sauceman
There's a Bone in My Spaghetti! Pizzascare Mr. Sauceman This song is a remix of Hot Spaghetti. It's one of the only songs that appears in newer public demos to not be uploaded to Mr. Sauceman's YouTube channel, along with Pumpin' Hot Stuff and Unearthly Blues; also, the original version of this theme that was made for Noise's Hardoween had less instrumental effect.
Tunnely Shimbers Don't Make A Sound Mr. Sauceman Originally meant for a level titled Lights Out.
Hard Drive to Munch You Don't Make A Sound Mr. Sauceman Plays when a Toppin Monster is alerted.
A Secret You Don't Want To Find Don't Make A Sound Secret ClascyJitto
Thousand March WAR Mr. Sauceman Heavily inspired by Justice/Mr. Oizo.
My Secret War Crimes / A War Secret WAR Secret ClascyJitto
Pizzaface Hall Final hallway before the Pizzaface battle ClascyJitto The name of this song is currently unknown. This song also plays in the short corridor before The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, as they are within the same room.
Unexpectancy (Part 1 of 3)
Unexpectancy (Part 2 of 3)
Unexpectancy (Part 3 of 3)
Pizzaface battle, Pizzahead battle, and Worlds 1 - 4 bosses rematch Mr. Sauceman This song is split into three distinct "phases", one for each phase of the boss battle.
  • The first phase (for the Pizzaface battle) is a rework of "Calculator Fight", a song that Mr. Sauceman composed before he joined the Pizza Tower team.
  • The second phase (for the first Pizzahead phase) samples "After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It" by Irving Berlin and Van & Schneck.

There was also an early version of Part 2 which would never see the light of day that has very minimal difference in instruments, a slightly extended part to the beginning that was never put into the track, and included a placeholder Japanese Ronald McDonald voice in place of "After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It".

  • The third phase (for the boss rush and final Pizzahead phase) uses leitmotifs from "The Death That I Deservioli", "Time for a Smackdown!", "Hot Spaghetti"/"Cold Spaghetti"/"There's A Bone In My Spaghetti!", "Oregano Mirage" , "Don't Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do The Song Won't Play"/"Celsius Troubles" and "Tombstone Arizona". Part 3 is itself divided into two halves, with the second one playing during rematch with Pizzahead.

This is, by far, the longest song in the game.

Bye Bye There! The Crumbling Tower of Pizza Mr. Sauceman This song heavily uses leitmotifs from "It's Pizza Time!". The track's name is likely a reference to the "Hello there!" Wario Land 4 sample that was replaced with a soundalike in the final version of "It's Pizza Time!".
Pizza Pie-ing Ending cutscene ClascyJitto This song has a leitmotif of The Death That I Deservioli, along with the main melody from Julius Fučík's "Entry of the Gladiators". Before being repurposed for the ending cutscene, this song was used for a cut Circus level.
music_null True Ending cutscene Mr. Sauceman Originally going to be the dance room's theme in the Halloween Demo, Briefly featured in the ending cutscene that happens when the player finishes the game with all secret treasures. Not featured on the game's official OST pages.
Receding Hairline Celebration Party Credits Mr. Sauceman This song is a rework of the unused song "I Ain't Got No Time to Dance".
Hip to be Italian Final judgement rank Mr. Sauceman Originally composed for a scrapped kitchen level.
Secret Lockin' Secrets of The World ClassyJitto Uses two different tracks for the secret leitmotifs to represent certain stages. Uses leitmotifs from "Choosing the Toppings", "Hot Spaghetti", "Put On A Show!!", "Mort's Farm", "Yeehaw DeliveryBoy", "Tropical Crust", "Wudpecker", "Don't Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do The Song Won't Play", "An unheard alternate version of Celsius Troubles", "Way Of The Pig" and "Bye Bye There" .
Pumpkin Pumpkin Hunt Mr. Sauceman Plays near Pumpkins.
The Bone Rattler Tricky Treat entrance Mr. Sauceman
The Runner Tricky Treat Post Elvis
Spacey Pumpkins Pause menu Mr. Sauceman A remix of the Pause menu, appears only durning Pumpkin Hunt event.

Noise's Campaign

These songs are used when playing as The Noise.

Image Song Use/Purpose Composer Notes
The Noise's Jam-Packed Radical Anthem John Gutter (The Noise) Mr. Sauceman Takes a large deal of inspiration from the Jet Set Radio series' soundtrack, using many audio samples that were also used in the games and other games associated with the series' composer Hideki Naganuma. This track was unused prior to The Noise's addition as a playable character.
Noise Intro New game+ intro Mr. Sauceman
Distasteful Anchovi (JC RE-EDIT) Pizza Time (except for The Crumbling Tower of Pizza) ClascyJitto
World Wide Noise Pizza Time (Lap 2) ClascyJitto
Impasta Syndrome The Doise battle Mr. Sauceman Mr. Sauceman was asked by McPig to do his best to make the track "convey [a] feeling of hopelessness."[2] This track is replaced with silence for any refights, as The Doise permanently dies after the battle. It can be heard again by taunting 3 times in front of the The Doise's boss door.
Unexpectancy (CLASCYJITTO GATCHA REMIX) Worlds 1 - 4 bosses rematch and Pizzahead rematch ClascyJitto ClascyJitto was directed by McPig to make it sound "more violent sounding than triumphant."[3]
I Need A Noise The Crumbling Tower of Pizza Mr. Sauceman This track is a reference to "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, but more specifically its usage in the climax of the movie Shrek 2, where the song is often referred to colloquially as "I Need A Hero."[4] a Alongside the recurring Noise leitmotif present throughout the song, Pizza Mayhem's melody plays at 3:30. Notably, this song features lyrics sung by The Noise (as stated by Mr. Sauceman) in a heavily synthesized voice, being the only track in the game (excluding "Pizza Mayhem" in the Sound Test) that uses sung lyrics. No official lyrics have been posted.
New Noise Resolutionz Credits ClascyJitto The rap that begins at 2:18 is derived from Masterbits CLIMAX, a collection of stock samples that was utilized by a large number of Sega Dreamcast games. These specific lyrics are from 9 Rapsody (Vocals ll) - Female Rap 2.
Move It, Boy! Swap Mode Character select screen Mr. Sauceman The "Work that sucker to death" line was sampled from the JPN/PAL version of Sonic CD's boss battle theme.

This was added to the official soundtrack as unused content before being added again. The intro of the song (the first 30 seconds of it) was never used in-game, as it cuts right back at the first "ARE YOU READY?!" part.

Bonus tracks

These songs are exclusive to the game's soundtrack, although Pizza Mayhem specifically can be found in the Sound Test and Choosing the Toppings can play in the credits.

Image Song Use/Purpose Composer Notes
Pizza Mayhem Opening theme/Bonus track Mr. Sauceman, Jack Knife, Kyoobot This song features female vocals done by Kyoobot. Originally intended as the intro music, this song was later relegated to a sound test bonus.
Pizza Mayhem (Instrumental) Bonus track Mr. Sauceman, Jack Knife Instrumental version of "Pizza Mayhem".
Choosing the Toppings Credits/Bonus track/Level Editor Mr. Sauceman Originally used for the Patreon-exclusive level editor.
The Noise Bonus track/Escape sequence cutscene Mr. Sauceman The Noise's intro cutscene was removed since PTG thought it would be repetitive if it was used before every escape sequence, as well as the fact that it couldnt be used very creatively. The "woag" used is part of the track, and is not a separate sound file. This could lead to the cutscene where this is used being desynced if the player has a lot of lag. Also the first few seconds of this track is used for the noise unlocked screen.
For A Few Toppings More Bonus track Mr. Sauceman Originally titled "The Ecstasy of Cheese", an older version of this track was used in The Vigilante's character reveal trailer. The name for this song is taken from the 1965 Spaghetti Western film "For A Few Dollars More".
Overcooked Meat Lover Bonus track/Cut Boss Fight theme ClascyJitto Was originally planned to be used for a boss fight. Contains a motif from the scrapped track "Freefallin'".
Tarragon Pizza Bonus track/Dragon Lair ClascyJitto This song is one of two to have a time signature of 9/8 (the other being Oregano UFO).

An outdated version was used throughout its playable appearances.

Leaning Nightmare Bonus track/Deep-Dish 9 escape sequence/Snick's Challenge ClascyJitto There exists a version with no tempo changes.
Spooky Apartment Escape / SNICK IS COMING Bonus track/Cut Spooky Apartment level escape sequence/Snick's Challenge ClascyJitto This track was reused in the SAGE 2019 Demo for Snick's Challenge, under the name "SNICK IS COMING".
Teeth Dust In The Strongcold Bonus track/Strongcold ClascyJitto Contains several leitmotifs from Dungeon Freakshow.
Ground Bound Bonus track/Mansion Mr. Sauceman The song doesn't play in the Mansion's playable forms in Patreon demos before the SAGE 2019 demo. Instead, Cold Spaghetti is used.

An early version of the song had several missing instruments and the "Bring me RAVIOLI" lyric was originally something much more explicit saying "Suck My D". Also originally sampled the "I miss you" voice clip in Smiles and Tears from EarthBound.

Unused Songs

Most of these songs were planned for the game in some way shape or form, but ultimately ended up not making the final cut.

Image Song Use/Purpose Composer Notes
snick sits down and talks to you about his video game, snick the porcupine: the song Song that wasn't meant to be in the game ClascyJitto "I wanted to have a song on the album snick's album that wasn't even a part of the game because that idea sounded really cool to me. So i sat down and made some beautiful jazz shit lol" - ClascyJitto
Small Fruit, 5 PM Pizzascape escape sequence Mr. Sauceman Was also used in the Ancient Challenge in Demo 2. This song, along with several other unused tracks, were made for the idea of each level having its own unique escape theme. As "It's Pizza Time!" was praised by fans and the idea gave the composers more unnecessary workload, the idea was scrapped. The song's title is a reference to "Big Apple, 3 AM" from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time.
Toxic Rave Oh Shit! escape sequence ClascyJitto
Running With Pockets Full of Meatballs Peppibot Factory escape sequence Mr. Sauceman The version of this song used in the Factory Challenge in Demo 2 had a heavier focus on the ticking sample.
Pesto Anchovi Pizza Time (The Noise/The Vigilante) ClascyJitto, Ludwig van Beethoven (original composer) This is a cover of Ludwig van Beethoven's "3rd movement (presto agitato), Moonlight Sonata". It was supposedly scrapped because ClascyJitto didn't like it.
Delivery for the City The Pig City ClascyJitto ClascyJitto has expressed on multiple occasions how much she hates this song.
Spaghetti Pizzascape ClascyJitto This was made before ClascyJitto joined the Pizza Tower team as a standalone remix, but it later got used after PTG let her join the team. Was later removed to let Hot Spaghetti play for longer.
Theatrical Mischief The Ancient Cheese ClascyJitto Was originally the second theme for The Ancient Cheese, before being replaced by Put On A Show!!.
Pimpin' Hot Stuff (Old) The Noise battle (Strongcold) Mr. Sauceman The siren sound appears to be the same one from the JPN/PAL version of "Stardust Speedway (Bad Future)" from Sonic CD.

Past the 1:30 minute mark is not heard in-game, as the Noise Bomb explodes before then, causing the player have to redo the fight.

The Phantom Tower Cut Level Theme Mr. Sauceman This track was used as a placeholder for Wasteyard in PT_Eggplantv15. This song inspired certain elements of "Dungeon Freakshow".
PROMOTION! After beating Pepperman in the Halloween Demo / Knight transformation theme Mr. Sauceman Only 3 seconds of the song actually played in-game. The Peppino sprite used on the cover is actually an unused taunt. The original filename for this song is music_knight, which implies that it was originally made to be used when getting the Knight transformation, however, since transformation music was scrapped, it was later changed to a victory theme.
Bonus Room Secret room Mr. Sauceman Likely an early version of what eventually became the songs that play in secrets. The track is composed by Mr. Sauceman, not ClascyJitto, however.
Funiculi Funicula (Dim Widdy version) Tutorial Dim Widdy, Luigi Denza (original composer) This was the very first song used in-game, featured in PTG's earliest Tumblr posts relating to Pizza Tower. This track mainly uses Wario Land 4 samples.
Spooky Apartment Cut Spooky Apartment level ClascyJitto
Freezer Draft 1b Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator ClascyJitto A very early draft for the level's song that was never intended to be used.
Freezer Draft 1 Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator ClascyJitto This sounds exactly like Freezer Draft 1b, but without the last-minute part.
Unfunny Highjinks Cut Circus Level ClascyJitto An unfinished faster-paced variant of Pizza Pie-ing made to be the Circus level's second song. The name of this song was given by a user on Twitter as Clascy couldn't come up with a name herself. The song is also called "clown but ins ky weuidfunsidnfisjcn."
Freefallin' Cut Freefalling level ClascyJitto
Hallelujah Mama-Mia Cut Heaven level ClascyJitto Contains the melody and bassline of Freefallin' but with different instruments used.
Collapse! Cut Freefalling level escape sequence ClascyJitto Was the first escape-like song ClascyJitto made for the game. Sounds from the Genesis / Megadrive can be heard, part of "Spooky Apartment Escape" can be heard within. Like Distasteful Anchovi, there exists a version with no tempo changes that was never meant to be used.
Distasteful Anchovi Pizza Time (The Noise) ClascyJitto When making the cover for this song, ClascyJitto asked the Pizza Tower Discord to give her images of The Noise panicking.

There is an alternate version of the song simply titled "anchovi." that plays without any tempo changes, which was never planned to be used.

Despite ClascyJitto's distaste for the Noise's previous escape theme Pesto Anchovi, Distasteful Anchovi was never implemented in any Patreon builds of Pizza Tower.

I Ain't Got No Time to Dance Unknown Mr. Sauceman At some point, this was used as the escape theme in Exit (a scrapped level that was reworked into The Crumbling Tower of Pizza) while also stated as actually being the original Fake Peppino boss music back when the fight was a dance battle between Fake Peppino and Peppino. This song was reworked into 'Receding Hairline Celebration Party' for the final game.
NOTIME2BOOGIEWOOGIE Unknown ClascyJitto A WIP remix of I Ain't Got No Time to Dance whose purpose is just as unknown as the original even to ClascyJitto herself. Supposedly meant for the previously mentioned Fake Peppino boss fight's second phase.
Quintessence Hub (second draft) ClascyJitto Was scrapped due to not sounding enough like the rest of the soundtrack.
Dungeon Ultimatum Strongcold [c]ness, PilotRedSun (original composer) A mashup of the music that plays in the YouTube video "Grinch's Ultimatum" and "Dungeon Freakshow" that was scrapped due to the devs not being able to contact PilotRedSun to ask for permission.
The Towers Ultimatum Strongcold ClascyJitto, PilotRedSun (original composer) ClascyJitto's version of the previous song, that had the same purpose and was scrapped for the same reason. Whether this was created before or after Dungeon Ultimatum is unknown.
Secrets of The Saintes Strongcold Secret [c]ness, ClascyJitto, PilotRedSun (original composer) Just like the two previous songs, this is a mashup of the music that plays in the YouTube video "Grinch's Ultimatum", this time with "hmmm look what u done did you found a secret :)" instead. Scrapped for the same reason. This is the only known scrapped secret theme.
R.O.R. "really old version of the cowboy song theme level thing" - ClascyJitto ClascyJitto

Was found in the music WIP channel. R.O.R. stands for Roasted Onion Rodeo. This song samples Fried Oyster by the band Baleine 3000.

"i scrapped it so fast that i didnt even sendn it" - ClascyJitto

pizza void None ClascyJitto

Was found in the music WIP channel.

"i found this in my projects folder i have no idea where this came from or why i made it or what i made it for but it exists" - ClascyJitto

The Wonders of Ice Piano cover of "dont preheat your oven because if you do the song wont play" ClascyJitto A cover ClascyJitto made for fun without having any intentions for it to be used in the game.
Freeze-Dried Pepperonies Deep-Dish 9 ClascyJitto As well as the original Leaning Dream drum samples, it also samples drums from Impromptu by Neon Tetracide.
Cold Spaghetti (Possible Draft?) Ancient Tower Mr. Sauceman An older WIP version of Cold Spaghetti that was used in Demo 1. The song still has Wario samples in it.
Cold Spaghetti (Older) Ancient Tower Floor 2 Mr. Sauceman A version of Cold Spaghetti, which is closer to the final game's version, except for the Wario Samples and some of the other samples used.
Cold Spaghetti (Old) Ancient Tower Floor 2 Mr. Sauceman A version of Cold Spaghetti, which is closer to the final game's version, except for the "clap your hands" sample from "It's Pizza Time!" and some of the other samples used.
Peppino's Door Problem Joke song Mr. Sauceman An altered version of Peppino's Sauce Machine, with some samples being replaced by "Door Stuck!", a quote from an infamous Counter-Strike video with the same name.
My Shoes are Covered in Dirt / music_toppins Unknown Mr. Sauceman The filename for this song implies that this song may have had to do with the Toppins. The theme's main melody is from PROMOTION! albeit modified to be more silly. This theme is very similar to music_wierd, which leads some to theorize that it also might have been a theme for the drunk transformation.
music_weird Possibly a theme for the Drunk Peppino transformation Mr. Sauceman The theme's main melody is from PROMOTION! albeit modified to be sound dopier.
Boss Theme Remix Unknown ClascyJitto A remix of Pepperman Strikes! originally created by ClascyJitto before becoming an official composer, can be played in the Halloween Demo's Party Room.
"It's Pizza Time!" Remix Unknown ClascyJitto A remix of "It's Pizza Time!" originally created by ClascyJitto before becoming an official composer, can be played in the Halloween Demo's Party Room.
Secret Hoppin' Every secret theme in a single track. ClascyJitto A special theme can be heard at the end of this track that isn't used in-game that notably uses a motif from John Gutter.
Christmas Race Theme Christmas Race PilotRedSun A loop of moment when Grinch Dances in the theme from the video "Gri​nch's ultimatum".
  1. ... the idea that was given to me was supposed to be a surreal remix of pizza time ... and also this death grips song i was listening to right before then' -ClascyJitto, Pizza Tower Discord: #pizzatowertalk (03/03/2023, 01:10)