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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Demo 2 is the third public demo of Pizza Tower. released 1 month after Halloween Demo, this demo includes a remake of the level Ancient Tower (Now called Ancient), A brand new level, and challenge levels of each level. Due to it's short time of creation before release, it works very similarly to the Halloween Demo.



The hub world in this demo.

The menu works exactly the same as in Halloween Demo, expect there is a new option, pressing either or will change the player's color pallette. For more information on this, check out Clothes/Pre-release.

The Pause Menu has been updated slightly, pausing now tells how many Toppins and Pizza Coins the player has collected.

Peppino's moveset has also been tweaked a little at this time, the following are:

  • Being able to break Breakable Blocks at Mach 1 is gone.
  • Wall jumping is absent from this build.
  • The Player can throw the Bombs after grabbing one.
  • Peppino can walk and use his slap attack at the same time.

After crashing the delivery bike, the player slides into a very basic hub world, with the Ancient Tower's original place being into the Tutorial level. The other levels can be played by entering a door located in the left or right of the screen. The hub world also has Coin Doors. Coin Doors are placed next to the doors of the other levels, being tied with them. If the player gets 10 Pizza Coins in a specific level, the Coin Door that is tied to it will be opened, unlocking Challenge levels.

Challenge Levels

Challenge levels are levels with Pizza Time immediately activated, the player has to use Transformations to progress through the level, or to avoid Transformations and Gimmicks so the player does not lose time. Each challenge level at the end contains a Pizza Portal and a Tower Secret Treasure. Collecting the Treasure stops the timer. If the timer reaches zero, the player will be given the Time's Up screen.

Level format changes

These are changes that were made on how levels function and would at this point of development.

The format of levels work like how they did in Halloween Demo, with slight differences.

Rooms with Toppins now have the regular tilesets for levels instead of the cheese ones in secret rooms.

Instead of Tower Secret Treasures being in a room with Pillar John guarding it, Pillar John is instead guarding the Top of the level, the player must feed him all of the 5 Toppins like usual. Tower Secret Treasures now can be only obtained from the Challenge levels.

Instead of fighting Pepperman at the top, the player has to break a Noise Satellite, doing so will disable the Pizza image in the sky, and the game will congratulate the player.

However, this will trigger The Noise to come towards the player, and just like from the Early Test Build, he pushes a button, starting Pizza Time.



This demo contains the following enemies debuing in this build:


This demo contains the following Transformations debuing in this build:


This demo contains the following gimmicks debuing in this build:



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  • The Ancient level contains assets that would go on to be used in John Gutter, Pizzascape and Ancient Cheese.
  • The background as seen in the top of the levels is the same image as in the secret rooms for Early Test Build.
  • The Noise can now be defeated by slapping him after he activates Pizza Time.
  • Even after all Coin Doors are unlocked, Pizza Coins are still able to be collected.