April Build (2021)

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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

The April 2021 Build is a build in Pizza Tower.


The April 2021 Build is a build that gave Pizza Tower an overhaul and added many new levels to the game, as well as introducing several new mechanics, some of which would become mainstays. It also introduced the shortly lived TV commentary, however only for Entrance and Pizzascape.


Differences in Movesets

  • Peppino
    • Peppino can now shoot with his Revolver. It has limited ammo, but it recharges after a brief few seconds.
  • The Noise
    • The Noise's moveset has been almost completely overhauled to match Peppino's, but instead of using a revolver, he throws Noise Bombs affected by gravity. Replacing the Uppercut, Noise can throw Noise Bombs up and jump on them, and they can also be used to kill enemies.
  • The Vigilante
    • The Vigilante gets softlocked when bumping into a wall in the Rocket Transformation. Due to it being impossible to taunt, it forces the player to restart the level.

Playable Levels

Tower Passage

Weird West

Island Adventure

City Passage

  • Space (introduced in this build)
  • City (introduced in this build)
  • Sewers (reworked from builds before Blue Block Land in this build)
  • War (introduced in this build)

Horror Passage

  • Factory (reworked from builds before Blue Block Land in this build)
  • Mansion (reworked from builds before Blue Block Land in this build)
  • Freezer (reworked from builds before Blue Block Land in this build)
  • Kids Party (introduced in this build)

World Extras


  • Exit (introduced in this build)


  • Due to not all levels being tiled, the purple blocks, red slopes, and semisolid platform monsters are shown constantly.
  • This is the first build to use the new Toppin designs.
  • Most levels present in this build would later go on to be included in the full release of Pizza Tower, except for the following:
    • Space Pinball
    • Kung-Fu
    • Mansion
    • Of these, Mansion is the only one that wasn't included as a level, instead being relegated to a secret area in Staff Only. Space Pinball and Kung-Fu were both merged into a single level, later becoming Fastfood Saloon.