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Hey-a! Howsabout a nice ride on this washing machine here? Admission is freeeee! "
— The Noise (via Toppinbot)

The Noise is the third boss in Pizza Tower, and a playable character in his own campaign.


The Noise is a short, mischievous man who wears a yellow jumpsuit, a chef hat-shaped mask, an orange cape, and white gloves. He has a prominent, long nose that sticks out with a short, curly moustache that sticks out from his cheeks. Without his mask, he has short, black hair.

He is energetic, cocky, and giddy, only occasionally seen with a more neutral, bored expression when smoking a cigarette. He's able to pull out random, wacky objects out of thin air for various attacks or comedic effect. If he is very angry, his teeth and fingers become sharp and his pupils become red.

The Noise is indifferent to pizza. In past builds and during development, however, he hated the Pizza Tower, pizza, and Peppino (for making pizza).[1] He prefers candy instead, as he collects it in the Hardoween demo[2]. In the release version of the game, however, he collects Pizza Points.

He seems to have a successful career in entertainment. In the end credits for Peppino's campaign, there is an image depicting him with a monocle with various media based on him in the background, including an upcoming movie. It's also revealed at the end of The Noise's campaign that the entire thing was a movie adaptation of the game.

Boss room

To access the boss room, the player needs to pay Mr. Stick $200 (20 Toppins).

The boss arena is a yellow inflated boxing ring. In the background lies a yellow 'N-TV' building on a vast sandy landscape, a giant camera, and a giant, inflated Noise Balloon floating around. Two creatures resembling flying Noiseys follow The Noise whilst holding recording equipment. In his boss intro, The Noise taunts Peppino by scaring him with a mask resembling the latter, takes it off before laughing at him, and starts the fight.

Right before the second phase, the giant Noise balloon crashes into the arena, remaining there for the rest of the fight.

Boss Fight

Unlike other bosses, his attack pattern is decided by random and is picked out of a set of attacks.


The Noise will rapidly spin to transition to the next attack. This can damage the player.


The Noise will take out a skateboard and start riding towards the player. They will turn around if the player passes them, ending the attack briefly after the third turn. They can also jump to catch the player attempting to jump over them.


Noise also will pull out his pogostick, jumping towards the player four times and ending the attack immediately after landing from the fourth jump. If the attack has been used before, they may drop a bomb at the beginning of one of their jumps.


The Noise will jump offscreen return in his hot air balloon. They will follow the player horizontally, dropping two bombs before attempting a ground pond attack. On the first use of this attack, they will only drop one bomb.


The Noise will jump up and pull out a jetpack. They will spin once before flying towards the player. Once they hit a wall, they will bounce around the arena before eventually stopping. On the first use of the attack, they will only bounce once.

Phase 2

During phase 2, his attacks become slightly more difficult and the arena occasionally spawns a Noisey.

His skateboard attack ends with him kicking it towards the player briefly after the the third turn. Touching the skateboard will make the player ride it to the other side of the screen, preventing them from attacking The Noise before the next attack.

After landing the fourth time on his pogostick, The Noise will jump up and pull out his Noise Crusher air, creating shockwaves upon landing that the player must jump over.

After ground pounding from his hot air balloon attack, he will continuously taunt until the player approaches. Upon being approached, he will reveal himself to be a fake before exploding, with the real Noise entering the screen with a second ground pound above the player.

The jetpack attack will end with the jetpack exploding which the player must avoid before approaching The Noise.

Upon landing the final blow in phase 2, the player and Noise will enter a fight ball before Noise pulls out his minigun. However, he is unable to use it, as Noisette comes on stage and drags him away.

During phase 3 of the fight with Pizzaface, all of the previous bosses are brought back for a boss rush. Noise acts the same as he does in his initial fight; however, his phase 2 does not spawn any Noiseys.

Chef Tasks

This boss is tied with the following Chef Task:

Defeat The Noise without getting hurt.

Playable character

The Noise can Mach Dash like Peppino, but instead of climbing walls, he will preform a wall kick with his skateboard. He will be boosted upward for a few kicks before eventually falling down with speed increasing per wall kick. He can also super jump at any time with his jet-pack. The Noise is able to do a tornado/drill attack instead of diving, which can destroy Breakable Blocks and enemies. However, he is not invincible while spinning. Several of his transformations function slightly differently than they do for Peppino; further details can be found in the Transformations section.

In the beginning of Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator, The Noise guzzles brown fluid and is able to use a jetpack at anytime during the level. It acts nearly identical to Peppino's Pepper Pizza transformation, allowing the player to double jump and break Frozen Blocks, with the only difference being that it lacks invincibility.


Name Method to Acquire Effects Controls Debuting Level


Getting kicked by a Pepperoni Goblin, Goblinbot, or Pepperoni Goblin Bat or thrown by a Big Cheese The Noise goes tubular and proceeds to roll in the direction he was thrown or kicked into until he hits a wall or is damaged. Any enemy or small destructible blocks run into will be defeated or destroyed, respectively. Pressing in the corresponding direction the player is rolling in will increase their speed. The player can still jump. Pizzascape


Grabbing a sword from a Sword Stone Any enemy will be defeated upon contact, rendering the player invincible. In a Charging state, Stupid Rats and Metal Blocks can be defeated and destroyed, respectively. Moving becomes much heavier and slower, and the player loses the ability to grab in exchange for a double jump. Body Slam is replaced with a Downward Thrust. Touching any slope sends the player down the slope into a Charging state. The player now bounces off of walls in the Charging state, immediately switching their direction.


Touching Boiling Sauce or a Peasanto's torch The player is immediately launched upward, and slides on the ground for a brief moment upon landing. Touching any enemy or Stupid Rat in this state defeats them. The player can only move left or right. Bloodsauce Dungeon


Kentucky Kenny's spicy chicken wings Running into any TNT Blocks will destroy them. Touching an enemy or a Stupid Rat will defeat them. If the player is damaged, the transformation will end. Grab is replaced with an Air Dash. Body Slam is replaced with descending faster. The player also falls significantly slower than when playing as Peppino. Oregano Desert


Touching a Mushroom Ghost The player becomes incorporeal and may pass through Cheese Graters. The player is invincible. Collecting a Ghost Pepper will allow the player to dash. The player may float and fly around the air freely in any direction; however, they lose the ability to Mach Run and grab. Wasteyard


Grabbing Mort when he appears near a Well The player may interact with Mort Hooks to cross large gaps. Getting damaged ends the transformation. The player may double jump and their grab is replaced with an attack where Mort is thrown. Mort will immediately lock onto the nearest enemy or Mort Hook when thrown. Attacking a Mort Hook will launch the player up and forward. Fun Farm

Weenie Mount

Grabbing a Weenie Mount The player can build up speed quickly and move much faster. Any enemy approached will react as if being approached at Mach 3. Jumping exits the transformation. The player may move left or right, but cannot grab. If they jump, the transformation ends. Fastfood Saloon


Falling into a barrel Rolling allows the player to pass through small spaces and defeat Stupid Rats and any enemy. Being damaged will end the transformation. Grabbing is disabled. Jumping produces a shorter height and the Mach Run is replaced with rolling. Rolling upward onto a slope will cause the player to roll up the wall until hitting a ceiling. Crust Cove


Touching a Dangerous Water The player is immediately launched upward. Touching any enemy or Stupid Rat in this state defeats them. The player can only move left or right.


Grabbing a Rocket The player becomes invincible and automatically moves forward. Colliding with enemies and Stupid Rats will defeat them, and Metal Blocks can be destroyed. The player can also bounce off of walls. Grabbing is disabled. They may move up or down to adjust their position, and pressing in the corresponding direction will increase their speed. The player will change their direction by colliding with a wall. Deep-Dish 9


Touching a Giant Slime's cheeseball projectile The player gets stuck inside a cheeseball and moves forward until hitting a wall, ending the transformation. Colliding with a Super Side Spring will change the player's direction. Any enemy or Stupid Rat will be defeated upon collision. None Oh Shit!

Sticky Cheese

Exiting the Cheeseball transformation The player is invincible and their movement becomes slow and heavy. Enemies and Stupid Rats will be defeated upon jumping into them. The player will stick to walls upon jumping into them. Grabbing is exchanged for sticking onto and freely moving on walls. The player can move left or right and jump.


Getting stamped by a Box Stamper The player is squished, becoming a smaller version of themself. This allows them to go through small gaps at a faster speed. Spinning into Stupid Rats and enemies will defeat them and launch the player up into the air slightly. Being damaged will end the transformation. Grabbing is replaced with spinning, which launches the player forward. The player also has access to unlimited flight with the jetpack. Peppibot Factory

Pepper Pizza

Eating a Pepper Pizza / Active at the entrance of Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator The player's skin becomes red and they become invincible, destroying any enemy upon contact. Spinning will also emit flames around the player which will home in on any enemy automatically. Spinning/flying into a Stupid Rat will defeat them as well. The transformation only ends upon exiting the level or interacting with a Free Milk Stand.
Other transformations can stack and will not end this transformation.
The player retains their normal controls from the level. Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator


Grabbing a crate with the minigun The player gains a minigun. Shooting it will allow the player to slowly move left and right, unless shooting in midair. Stupid Rats cannot be defeated, but other enemies can. Shooting at Target Blocks will destroy them as well. The transformation ends upon passing a Metal Detector.
Other transformations can stack and will not end this transformation.
Grabbing is replaced with shooting the minigun. Body Slamming will first shoot the minigun below the player, letting them float as long as they hold the down button before rapidly descending. This defeats any enemy below upon contact. Don't Make A Sound


Getting caught by a Toppin Monster The Noise is presumably killed, leaving a corpse behind at the beginning of the room. If the player had a combo, it is instantly lost. Afterward, the real player jumps down from above. The player cannot do anything for a few seconds, before The Noise jumps back into the level in the same position as the dead body.


Touching a Circus Tent in the Pizzaland secret area The Noise rides a comically tiny tricycle with a white clown getup and a red nose. The player instantly drives back and forth and drive up walls. The transformation automatically disappears after a few seconds. Vacation Resort (Pizzaland secret area)

In the comics

The Noise appears in both the Peppino and Noise Comics and The Bad, The Ugly, and The Even Uglier comics.

In Peppino and Noise Comics, he is often seen tormenting and bothering Peppino. His girlfriend, Noisette, is also seen in one of these comics, frightening him.

In The Bad, The Ugly, and The Even Uglier, he is seen at a location called the Noise TV Outpost, where he films himself advertising a party that is supposedly going on there and guards a Pillar John that stands there. This set of comics shows the more serious, less goofier side of The Noise, with him often getting tired of doing his job and pretending to be wacky and crazy.

In these comics, he also has a Pizzard assistant known as Dougie Jones, who tries his best to help him, but often fails to, as seen when he makes The Noise some tequila and he dislikes it due to it being pizza flavored. During the storyline of the comics, The Noise hears that Pepperman had been attacked by someone who "moves really fast" in a town that he had been trying to take over, which leads him to go off and help him, thinking that the "guy who moves really fast" was Peppino, taking Dougie with him. As the set of comics hasn't been finished yet, it is unknown what he does once he reaches the town.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about The Noise.
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  • Activating the debug mode and pressing F8 will teleport the player to a room, where they can play as The Noise with his pogo stick moveset.
  • Noise's design and character, originally including his hatred of pizza (which has been scrapped), are references to the Noid, the anti-mascot of real-life food chain Domino's Pizza. The Noid spends most of his time trying to destroy pizzas with his signature Pizza Crusher and other wacky gadgets, only failing thanks to the higher quality that Domino's Pizza proposes.
    • McPig has jokingly stated in an interview that a Domino's Pizza-inspired boss would either have to be a Noid-knockoff or a character based off of Hatsune Miku, due to her minor association with Domino's Pizza. Specifically, her inclusion in the discontinued Japanese food delivery mobile app "Domino's App feat. Hatsune Miku."[3]
  • The Noise's design was slightly different in earlier versions of the game, with his hat more closely resembling a pizza, and a pizza emblem on his chest. The design was simplified to make him easier to animate.
  • Based on the full Pizza Tower Soundtrack Album Cover, it's likely that The Noise has hair underneath his hat.
    • More evidence towards this is that when taking off his hat in an idle animation, it shows his hair. Furthermore, an unused sprite for when The Noise would have bumped into a wall with the Knight transformation shows him with hair.
  • Noise's full name was originally Theodore J. Noisester, but got changed to just "Theodore Noise".
  • Noise's moustache is actually a part of his costume.[4]
    • In previous graphics and sprites such as the Rank Screens, his moustache came out under his nose. This was changed in revised versions of these assets alongside his nose having a slightly different shape and his eyelids being the same color as his skin instead of the same color as his suit.


For The Noise's playable character animations, see the gallery here: The Noise/Gallery.

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