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Gerome is an NPC found in all regular levels in Pizza Tower.


Gerome is a magenta pillar creature, wearing blue overalls, faded orange shoes and gloves, and a blue cap. He sometimes appears to be either in a lunch break, mopping the floor, or taking a nap. He is Pillar John's brother.

Gerome is implied to be the Tower's one and only Janitor, cleaning up many levels on the tower, with his janitor closet having a Tower Secret Treasure. He is one of the few pillar creatures that will never attack the Player and is passive to them, the other being Pillar John.


Gerome can be found in every single level (Except for Tutorial, in The Crumbling Tower of Pizza he doesn’t unlock Janitor Doors) hidden in specific locations. After the player finds him, Gerome will start to follow them. The player then needs to get him to his Janitor Room in that particular level so he can unlock it and reveal that level's Tower Secret Treasure inside. He will also refill any combo's timer upon being found.

Gerome also appears in small cutscenes after unlocking next floor, lifting up the elevator.

In the game's ending, Gerome stands sadly next to John's remains. If the player has all Tower Secret Treasures, John will be resurrected, and Gerome and John will celebrate together and enact a bonus cutscene. Otherwise, Peppino will just look towards the screen disappointed, and then will leave.


John Gutter: In the room before Pillar John, on the wall at the left, next to two Forknights.

Pizzascape: In the room before Pillar John, on the right side of the room, next to a Forknight.

Ancient Cheese: In the third room, on the right hallway next to a Pepperoni Goblin.

Bloodsauce Dungeon: In the fourth room, next to some blocked John blocks.

Oregano Desert: In the second cave section, on the left wall next to a Tribe Cheese.

Wasteyard: In the fifth room, behind some walls with rocks next to the Tomato Toppin.

Fun Farm: In the room before the song transition, next to some destructible blocks on a wooden platform.

Fast Food Saloon: In the Pillar John room, next to a timed gate which requires to backtrack after pressing the button.

Crust Cove: In the third room, on the top of the room.

Gnome Forest: In the room with the Pizzard, the Noise Goblin, and the cheese block, on the top of the room, behind three wood blocks.

Deep-Dish-9: In the room after the Tomato Toppin, behind a Stupid Rat.

GOLF: In the Final Course section, next to a Burger Golfer and a Golf Demon.

The Pig City: In the fifth taxi, next to two Pizza Slug and the final Hamkuff.

Peppibot Factory: In the room with the second secret, behind a metal block.

Oh Shit!: In the first Trash Pan section, next to the left wall with the Trash Pan below a Ninja Slice.

Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator: During the escape sequence, in a platform blocked by three Ice Blocks.

Pizzascare: In the room with the second secret, on the pit at the left.

Don't Make A Sound: In the room before Pillar John, below a wood platform next to some unlocked John blocks.

WAR: In the third room, next to the Cheese Toppin, on top of a platform.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Gerome.
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  • McPig has mentioned that he imagined Gerome would sound similar to Jasper from The Simpsons.
  • Previously on a stream, McPig mentioned that Gerome is British.
  • In the April 2021 Build and Rework, Gerome was used as Lap 2. He would be near the exit, and could only be collected during Pizza Time. The Tower Secret Treasure door would be located not far from Pillar John, and collecting it would end the level.
    • In the Rework build, ending a level through the Tower Secret Treasure would then spawn the player out of bounds in a broken version of Oh Shit!. See the Trivia on that page for more info.
  • Gerome is very similar to Keyzer from Wario Land 4.
    • The elevator cutscene could also be referencing Virtual Boy Wario Land which contains a similar scene between stages.


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