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"Baaaaawk? Bah-gawk? Bawk bawk bawk..."
— Mort the Chicken. (via Toppinbot)

Mort the Chicken is the titular protagonist from the PlayStation game Mort the Chicken. He appears in Pizza Tower for the levels Fun Farm and Secrets Of The World as a special guest character.


Mort is a chicken with white feathers, a long neck and a brown head with large, round eyes. His most defining feature is his comb, which is uniquely shaped and has a hand-like leaf-shaped part at the top. Mort can ball this comb into a fist to punch enemies, giving him a way to attack foes.

Mort, like any other chicken, is mindless and doesn't really care too much about what goes on around him, often looking very bored and uninterested. However, despite this, he is surprisingly brave and is able to fend for himself even though most others of his kind wouldn't.

Abilities and behavior

Mort has many abilities he can do, he has the ability to double jump, and to attack by swinging his head and using his beak as a weapon to attack Electric Potatoes or Mort Cubes, and to also launch himself upwards with the Mort Hooks.

Mort can be found by going near a Well, once doing so he will jump out of it. He can be also removed if the player takes any damage as him or if the Player interacts with a Priest.

If playing as Peppino, the player is given the ability to play somewhat as Mort and his abilities, dragging Peppino along the process.

If playing as The Noise, he strangles Mort by the Neck and uses him as a weapon. The Player can still double jump like normally, but instead of Mort attacking for Noise, The Noise uses him as a boomerang, throwing him and going back after a few seconds.


Western Build

Mort in this build makes it really slower to fall down. Because of this he was mostly used for sections that required the player to get into a gap so they can progress through the level, or to get Mort to eat a huge stack of dried Corn kernel, or to break Mort Blocks, which these would block the way of the Player. Audio in any of these builds are also absent.

In this build, Mort has two appearances in levels, being Fun Farm and Space Pinball.

Beach and Forest

Mort's is surprisingly absent in this build. He makes no appearances at all, not even in Fun Farm. The only ones you can somewhat count are the room names.

April Build (2021)

Mort returns in this build, He works similarly from the Western Build expect a few differences.

  • Mort would follow the player around like a Toppin instead constantly controlling Peppino, making it so the Player can now do other actions like using ladders and such.
  • The fall speed was made to be more fast.
  • Instead of Mort using himself to use and break obstacles, the Player would throw Mort as a attack and to attach to Mort Hooks.
  • Would still be with the player if they got hurt or turn into a Ghost.


This version would be a lot more similar to the final version of the game. The only differences are that a animation would stop the player if they used a Mort Hook.


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  • McPig had personally asked Mort's creator, Ed Annunziata, for permission to use Mort in Pizza Tower. This allowed Mort to appear without any copyright issues.
    • McPig announced on February 27, 2019 in the Pizza Tower Discord that Mort would officially appear in Pizza Tower.[1]
  • Mort spawning from a well is reference to the wells at the beginning of all levels in Mort the Chicken.
  • Originally, Mort was also going to be the boss of World 2, controlling a U.F.O. His appearance as a boss was dropped upon reworking the boss lineup.
  • Mort, despite being collected during The Crumbling Tower Of Pizza, does not show up in the ending. The same goes for Snotty, even if he is left alive.


Audio Description
Mort making chicken sounds after the Player interacts with him.
Mort and the Player double jumping.
Sound when Mort attacking. Mortthrow.wav
Mort being thrown by The Noise.
Mort flying after being thrown.
Mort's sound after being damaged.



Peppino and Mort

Seen when using the transformation as Peppino.

The Noise and Mort

Seen when using the transformation as The Noise.

Scrapped animations

Ingame Misc.