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For the Priest's exorcist variation in Pizzascare, see: Exorcist

Priests are characters in Pizza Tower, that are separated into grounded and flying forms, the latter being unused. For more information, click the tabbers.

Priest is a character in Pizza Tower.


The priest is an old, balding man with a big nose and big chin. He wears a cheese-colored habit and mitre with a red pizza symbol.


The priest remains completely stationary at all times. If the player comes in contact with them while transformed, the priest will bless them and return the current character to normal, providing 500 points in the process. He only gives points the first time he is interacted with, and subsequent interactions with a priest only remove transformations without the point boost.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

This character is tied with the following Chef Tasks:

Shining Armor
Get to all the priests without bumping into a wall once in Pizzascape.
Remove the boxxed form from each priest at least once in Peppibot Factory.


Regular animations

Angel Priest is an unused character in Pizza Tower.


Angel Priest is an old man, with a big nose and big chin, that is nearly bald. He wears a cheese-colored robe, plastic halo, and has two small wings.


Angel Priest floats in place or flies in a circle. If the player touches him, while transformed, he will turn them back to normal. Unlike his non-aerial counterpart, he does not give any points.


  • Despite not appearing during gameplay, Angel Priests still appear in the pause screen and in the Title Card for The Crumbling Tower of Pizza.
  • Angel Priest is known as obj_priesthazard in the game's files.
  • Angel Priest can be seen in Pizza Tower's 3rd screenshot in the Steam page, replacing the first Priest in Wasteyard.


Regular animations