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Gnomes are various characters that the player has to escort Gnome Pizzas to in Gnome Forest.


The Granny is a kind female gnome who has red cheeks, a white cooking apron and a red undershirt. Often seen wearing Oven Mitts.

Hunter wears a green shirt and brown shoes, and has a brown mustache. There is a brown and black raccoon which he is using as a hat.

Blacksmith has a similar outfit to Peppino but with a lighter yellow apron. He is bald with a big nose and a blonde mustache.

Jester has a long nose, wears an white, purple jester hat & outfit and has a mustache. He has Noise Bombs in a crate outside his house. He also appears to be similar to the Noise.

Wizard has a white beard and blue wizard outfit.


Gnomes require Gnome Pizzas to be delivered to their houses, doing so without the Gnome Pizzas freezing reward the Player with Toppins for the player's effort.

If playing as The Noise, Gnome Pizzas don't require delivery to the houses, as The Noise kills Gnome Pizzas and destroy the Houses of the Gnomes with them inside it.


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  • The Jester and The Noise are affiliated in some way, as he shares similarities to him and has Noise Bombs right outside of his house.


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