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(Please note that these guidelines are a work in progress. Rules may be subject to change.)

Thanks for checking out the Pizza Tower Wiki! Before making your first edit, please read up on our guidelines to prevent administrators having to interfere.


Code of Conduct

Some basic ground rules to get started. These are very important!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Maybe it's already been answered.


Character pages

Details about how to write about character pages.

Pre-release build pages

Details about how to write about prerelease builds and its appropriate pages.

Level pages

Details about how to write about levels and its appropriate pages.

Talk pages

Details about using talk pages for specific content pages.

Page Content


Information about how to assemble and organize galleries.


A guide on how to take screenshots for the wiki.


Basic information about templates and how to use them.


Information about trivia headers, and what belongs in a trivia section.


Uploading files

Details about uploading files, what to name them and how to insert them into pages.

File tags

A guide on what tag templates to use on files.