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Screenshots are often used to show context for content on an article, or to demonstrate something's location. Software recommended for taking a screenshot include:

  • Snipping Tool, a pre-installed program on Windows operating systems.
  • ShareX, an open-sourced screenshot program.

Below are guidelines for capturing and uploading screenshots for the wiki.

Display, Dimensions and Format

When capturing a screenshot, avoid displaying any operating system UI, including but not limited to cursors, window borders, etc. It is also important to refrain from displaying Steam UI, including the frames per second (FPS) counter in the top left of the game window. This can be disabled disabling the Steam Overlay through game properties. It is also important to avoid taking screenshots with the borderless window's titlebar and border in frame, as it obstructs parts of the game. The only UI that should and must be visible is the game's HUD.

While screenshots can be taken in any dimension, be sure the final screenshot's dimensions are it's native resolution of 960x540 pixels. Any screenshot uploaded to the wiki that is not in these dimensions is subject to removal.

The file format of the screenshot must be PNG. JPEG and JPG formats change the colors of the images to become blurry and less clear, and are therefore unacceptable.

Restoring Default Window

In release versions of Pizza Tower, there is no option to disable the transparent window overlay on the game. Some versions may also display a 1 pixel wide yellow border on the edges of the game window. Because of this, modifying the game's with a program like UndertaleModTool may be required.

To restore the bordered window, open the Search for a script under the Code category titled gml_Object_obj_screensizer_Create_0. Upon opening the code, search for gml_Script_gameframe_init() and delete it. Navigate to the General info category and find Flags. Remove the string called BorderlessWindow, and save the changes made to the Finally, remove the file gameframe_x64.dll from the game's directory.

Uploading and Version

When uploading, be sure to include the Screenshot template in its summary. If taking a screenshot from a release version of Pizza Tower, the version number can be seen on the file select screen in the bottom left. Otherwise, if taken from a pre-release build, name the build and link it. For example, the template for uploading a screenshot from Eggplant would look like this:




This is an in-game screenshot from Eggplant.


As seen in the uploading guidelines, prefix the filename with "PT-" or "PizzaTower-". Follow this prefix with the level or Hub the screenshot takes place in. Then, if applicable, end the name with the purpose of the screenshot. See the table below for reference.

Suffix Purpose
-Toppin#* Displays the location of a Toppin's cage.
-Gerome Displays the location of Gerome in a level.
-GeromeDoor Displays the location of the Tower Secret Treasure room.
-Secret#** Displays the location of a Secret Eye.
-PTG Displays the location of Pizza Tower Guy in a level.
-Titlecard Displays the titlecard for a level.

* Replace # with the Toppin order. Mushroom is 1, Cheese is 2, etc.

** Replace # with the secret order.


Below are some examples on what to avoid, and explanations on the issues present in them.