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"sorry guys no progress today i just watched family guy compilations for a few hours"
— Pizza Tower Guy. (via Toppinbot)

Pizza Tower Guy (simply referred to as PTG) is a secret character in Pizza Tower.


"A godlike being from an unknown region of Earth. No one knows how limitless his power, agility, and wisdom is, but if there’s one thing certain, he’s always able to get out of the stickiest situations. He also has a crippling alcohol addiction."
— A description of PTG from the “Bring Your Own Class” manual.

PTG is an older man with a brown beard in a purple tower costume, wearing cartoon gloves, a tie, and socks under slippers. He is often depicted as a drunken man, always with a beer bottle in hand.

During Pumpkin Hunt event, his appearance changes. His skin becomes pale blue, his mouth is open, showing red teeth, his eyes are black and he has blood coming out of them. He holds a bloodied knife and text "KILL" is written above him.


PTG can appear as an NPC in every level if the player gets to him in less than 1 minute. Once the player has gotten close enough to PTG, he will teleport away. As of the Noise Update, finding PTG in all 20 levels as The Noise will grant the player the Tower Guy clothes.

Other Appearences

PTG has made many appearances in other games as a modded character.

PTG’s debut appearance, and his most prominent, is seen in the DooM 2 mod “Bring Your Own Class.” The drunken tower stars as one of the many playable classes, playing a major support role in the co-op mode. He does not have any ordinary weaponry, aside from a fart to boost him forwards. In exchange for this, he has a meter and tier system, allowing him to use one of two abilities at any time, with increasing power with the further the tiers progress. This meter builds faster when standing still, incentivizing the player to go effectively AFK to efficiently build up PTG’s stronger abilities.

PTG’s tier abilities always have two options, split between offence and support. Starting at Tier 1, it stays as a simple beer bottle throw or a drink from the bottle, but as the tiers increase, the power and effects of the abilities become stronger and more dramatic. Offensive abilities tend to cause PTG to fly into powerful fits of rage, firing energy blasts, or becoming an invincible golden goliath, while supportive abilities tend to help himself or allies, such as falling asleep, throwing up ammunition, or blessing his friends with high health and ammo through the Bible.

PTG also make a playable appearance in Sonic Robo-Blast 2 and its driving spin-off, Sonic Robo-Blast 2 Kart. His transition from first-person shooter to third-person platformer carries over the same tier meter system, reworked to assist in a platforming setting. His abilities tiers are decreased from 5 to 3, with the support abilities more retooled to help with the platforming of a Sonic game, such as the vomit not only creating rings, but propelling the upchucking castle forwards through the air. PTG also has a new base move, being a combination crouch-high jump, allowing him to walk into spaces that were only meant to be accessible by Sonic’s iconic spin, and jumping higher than most of the base cast if allowed to charge the jump. As for SRB2 Kart, Pizza Tower Guy dons a cape as he flies past the competition.

His most recent playable appearance is seen in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, as a reskin of Wario. The mod currently has only been seen via McPig’s live streams of the game on his Twitch, and has not been released to the public. As a result of replacing Wario, PTG uses his moveset and powerups, but with a visual spin more suiting of the booze loving building, like using the fart boost in place of Wario’s iconic shoulder bash, hand-standing to fart flames towards his enemies, becoming a small pig when on his last hit, and PTG sporting a Peppino costume with a shotgun instead of a Duke Nukem costume like Wario does.

Level locations

Tower Lobby

Name & Screenshot Description

John Gutter

Located in the same room as Pillar John.


Located in the same room as the second Secret Eye, standing on the ledge of the platform that leads to the secret.

Ancient Cheese

Located in the room directly after Tomato Toppin, near the room's entrance.

Bloodsauce Dungeon

In the fourth room, on the bottom of it.

Western District

Name & Screenshot Description

Oregano Desert

In the second cave area, on top of a TNT Block near the entrance.


In the third Ghost transformation room, near the Mushroom Ghost.

Fun Farm

In the first room of the shack section, right at the entrance.

Fastfood Saloon

At the end of the second Horsey race.

Vacation Resort

Name & Screenshot Description

Crust Cove

Near the end of the room with the key, standing on a platform.

Crust Cove

Located in the same room as Pillar John. Can only be accessed during Lap 2 as Peppino, any time as Noise, and does not vanish under any circumstances.

Gnome Forest

At the end of the room the player recieves the first Gnome Pizza.


Next to the Final Course's entrance.

Deep-Dish 9

In the fifth room, to the right of the Tomato Toppin next to the Anti-gravitational Olive.


Name & Screenshot Description

The Pig City

In the jail room, next to Gustavo and Brick.

Peppibot Factory

In the second room of the factory section, next to a wall on the left.

Oh Shit!

In the fourth room, right next to a Switch Block.


In the room after the first Heater, on top of a Grind Rail.

Staff Only

Name & Screenshot Description


In the sixth room, on top of the second platform.

Don't Make A Sound

In the second room of the kitchen section, on top of an unreachable Flying Patroller.


In the sixth room, in the corridor before the first Secret Eye.

The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

In the first room after the Slum section.


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  • PTG's teleporting nature is in reference to PTG’s appearance in "Bring Your Own Class", where he appears as a playable character. One of his abilities is being able to teleport to any random player on the map during multiplayer co-op and one of random teleport points during singleplayer, defaulting to Player 1's spawn-point if there aren't any teleport points in the Map.


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