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Rock Block, Destructible Rock, and TNT Block are a set of blocks in Pizza Tower.


Rock Block is a block made out of clusters of dark orange rocks.

Destructible Rock Block looks like a Rock Block but is a more broken version with cracks and few rocks missing. Only hold togheter by a X-shaped sticky patch.

TNT Block is a red dynamite shaped block labbled with a big dark "TNT" text, with a few ropes sticking out of it.


Rock Block can only be destroyed by a chain reaction explosion caused by a TNT Block or a Destructible Rock Block.

Destructible Rock Block can be destroyed with any attack. When destroyed, it starts a chain reaction of all Rock Blocks which are part of the chain to be destroyed one after the other.

TNT Block can be destroyed only by the Firemouth transformation. When destroyed it causes an explosion, which can break chains of Rock Blocks. If an enemy is close enough to the TNT explosion it will be defeated.

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  • Originally, TNT Blocks could be destroyed by any means, but this behavior was later given to the Destructible Rock Block.


Rock Block

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