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Exorcist is a character in Pizza Tower.


Exorcist is an old man, with a big nose and big chin, nearly bald, looking nearly identical to the Priest. He wears a grey coat with a white shirt, grey pants, black shoes and gloves, and a grey hat with a red pizza symbol. He also holds a golden cross in his hands.


Exorcist stands in one place. If the player touches him, he temporarily gives the player a cross while holding his in the air. The cross he gives the player protects them from all forms of damage, and gives the player the ability to kill any Ghostknights upon touch. When the player gets a cross from the Exorcist, the text "Kill the ghosts!" will pop up on screen.

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  • Ghostknights were added before the Exorcist was added, meaning there were versions where Ghostknights are simply impossible to defeat unless the player had a Super Taunt.
  • If the player had a cross when dying to Pizzaface, it will remain in the Time's Up screen.