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Snotty is an NPC in Pizza Tower.


Snotty is a green-colored Cheeseslime that appears in the Slum section of the Hub. He can be killed like any normal Cheeseslime, afterwards subsequent visits to Slum will show his grave. If Snotty is kept alive, he can be rescued alongside Peppino's friends and the bosses during The Crumbling Tower of Pizza. Rescuing Snotty from the tower will lead to the player's save file being marked with a seal of approval on his behalf. Killing Snotty afterwards will not remove the badge. Snotty is not considered dead if he is defeated during The Noise's version of Crumbling Tower of Pizza.


  • In PT_Eggplantv15, Snotty would appear at the beginning of some levels, but with less saturated green color.
    • In the October 2022 Build, the first Cheeseslime in any level was the same color as Snotty.
      • At one point in development in The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, Snotty's grave appeared shortly after hitting John, implying he used to be not savable.
  • Snotty uses a color palette in a group of color palettes called "cheeseslime_palette" to have his color.
    • cheeseslime_palette only has 2 color palettes: yellow and green. The blue color seen in the Noise's Hardoween demo is absent, though it can be seen in old footage with the Heat Meter, meaning the blue color was most likely originally a part of the palette.
  • Snotty can be revived using save file modifications. By going to the [Game] section and changing the Snotty part from 1.000000 to 0.000000, or by deleting the Snotty tag, Snotty will be revived.


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