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Hub is the pathway to all of the Worlds and their levels in Pizza Tower.


The Hub is a large area connecting all of the levels. Hub is separated in 5 floors, with 1 world per floor:

The first floor also has two extra rooms for the Pizza Tower Entrance, a long corridor containing Tutorial at the end, and John Gutter Hall, housing the titular level.


Tower Lobby

John GutterPizzascapeAncient CheeseBloodsauce DungeonPepperman

Western District

Oregano DesertWasteyardFun FarmFast Food SaloonThe Vigilante

Vacation Resort

Crust CoveGnome ForestDeep-Dish 9GOLFThe Noise


The Pig CityPeppibot FactoryOh Shit!Refrigerator-Refrigerador-FreezeratorFake Peppino

Staff Only

PizzascareDon't Make A SoundWARPizzafaceThe Crumbling Tower of Pizza

Interactable objects

Interactable objects appear on every floor.

Chef Tasks room

The Chef Tasks room is a room that shows up in every floor. It shows how many achievements the player has obtained on each level of the given floor. Each room has a different background. After obtaining every achievement of said world, the door turns golden.


The Closet allows the player to switch between available clothes by pressing up.


The Computer allows the player to see their statistics. The player can press up to get to other pages. The list of statistics include:

Granny Pizza sign

Granny Pizza sign shows completion statistics for each level and boss, except Pizzaface. The list of statistics is:

  • Ranks
  • Toppins
  • Secrets
  • Treasures

Secret Eye

A Secret Eye appears after the player finds every secret on every level. It teleports the player into the Sound Test room.


Mr. Stick

Mr. Stick unlocks the boss gate of each world, upon paying him the required amount of dollars, which are obtained by collecting Toppins. Upon unlocking all of the levels, Mr. Stick appears after this in Staff Only, near the entrance to WAR, and the boss fight against Pizzaface, under the alias ‘Mr. Mooney”. He asks the player to pay them their last $90.

Pizza Granny

Pizza Granny appears multiple times per floor. Her dialogue is either gameplay hints or jokes.

Gustavo & Brick

Gustavo & Brick act as both playable characters, and NPCs on every floor, doing something different every time. On the first floor, Gustavo is seen being chased by Brick. On the second floor, the two are beating each other up; although obscured by a big dust ball. On the third floor, they’re seen forgiving each other, but sport a lot of injuries. On the fourth floor, Gustavo & Brick are playing poker. And on the fifth floor, Gustavo & Brick are seen scared. If Peppino approaches them, they'll turn around and look all serious with their arms folded. In the process; Brick would be seen with a cigarette.


Pepperman appears on the second floor near the Fun Farm level entrance. He looks beat up, wears sunglasses and holds spray paint. As The Noise, the player can kill him, but he does respawn.

The Noise

The Noise appears on the fourth floor at the left corner. He looks beat up and he smokes. If Peppino approaches him, he looks at him angrily.

The Vigilante

The Vigilante appears on the fifth floor near the Pizzascare level entrance. He looks into the large John statue while thinking. If Peppino approaches him, he looks at him annoyed.


Snotty appears on the fourth floor, near the elevator to Staff Only. He slowly moves around, and is a green Cheeseslime. If the player kills him, when they return back to the floor, they will see his tombstone. If the player doesn’t however, Snotty will be recruited in the descent down the tower, during The Crumbling Tower of Pizza. If done, the player will receive the "Snotty Approved" badge on their save file.

Secret Rooms

Secret Rooms are hidden hub rooms found throughout the tower, usually containing scrapped objects and sprites.

Old Tower

Located on the first floor, near the Pepperman boss entrance. Contains the old Pillar John sprite, Camembert Squire, idle Cheeseslime animation, dancing Pepperoni Goblin animation and Cheese Dragon flying around the room.


Located on the second floor, below the Fast Food Saloon level entrance. Contains a Meatball Boulder rolling around the room. If the player performs a ground pound, Meatball Boulder will jump.


Located on the third floor, above the Deep-Dish 9 level entrance. Contains old The Pig City Pizzaland assets, as well as Clown transformation, which disappears after a while.

Mr Car

Located on the fourth floor, near The Pig City's level entrance. Contains the old Kung Fu background, Mr. Car and Mr. Stick in a trash can.

Noisette Cafe

Located on the fourth floor, near the Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator level entrance. Contains the cafe itself, as well as The Vigilante and Noisette. If the player approaches them, The Vigilante starts drinking from his cup and Noisette shows the tip jar.

Wash n clean

Located on the fifth floor, near Pizzascare's level entrance. Contains a laundromat, with a bunch of washing machines, The Noise jumping with one of them, Noise Satellite and Snick under a sheet.


Located on the fifth floor, near the long upward tunnel to the WAR level entrance. Contains old Mansion assets, as well as a wall full of portraits of different characters.


  • A sixth world known as the Pizza Passage was initially planned to contain The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, initially themed around Peppino, and the Pizzaface boss fight before they were moved to the 5th world.
  • The John Blocks placed throughout the hub serves as foreshadowing about The Crumbling Tower of Pizza requiring the player to race through the hub floors. Also, the fact the entrance to the tower is the same as the entrance to the levels serves as another hint towards that.
  • Using the console command panic (used to toggle Pizza Time) when in the hub will transition into The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, due to the fact that said stage uses the hub for some of its areas.


Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

Floor 4

Floor 5

Interactable objects

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