Camembert Squire

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Camembert Squire is a secret enemy in Pizza Tower.


Camembert Squire is a yellow circular camembert cheese creature with small stubby arms and legs, a forever bitten mouth, and a silver spiked pickelhaube. It is often seen wielding a large pizza cutter while it rides its Weenie Mount.


Camembert Squire can be encountered in the Old Tower secret room in Tower Lobby, standing next to the old version of Pillar John. Like the other secret enemies, it's completely harmless.

Camembert Squire's original behaviour was that it would stand in place before instantly charging forwards upon seeing the player. Upon hitting the wall, the Camembert Squire would be stunned for a short while, giving the player a chance to defeat it. Defeating it would leave behind its Weenie Mount that it rode on, that the player can use to get the Weenie Mount Transformation. In older builds, it jumped before charging, left behind an afterimage and could not be grabbed.


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  • This enemy still has its behavior present in the files, and by modding the game, shows that it functions properly if spawned in a level.
  • It was the original way of getting the Weenie Mount transformation, but when it was scrapped, the Weenie Mount transformation itself was reworked.


Regular animations

Scrapped animations