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Playable Appearances

In the March 2019 Patreon Build

In the March 2019 build, The Noise was playable for the very first time in the Freezer level. At the time, he was slightly unfinished and was missing some sprites, using yellow Peppino sprites as placeholders for animations that hadn't been completed.

In the GOLF demo

In the GOLF demo, The Noise was playable by pressing F2.

In the April 2019 Patreon Build

The Noise was still playable, and still slightly unfinished (since all his sprites weren't done). There is a bug where pressing F2 on the title screen lets you play as The Noise with Peppino's moveset.

In Noise's Hardoween

In Noise's Hardoween, The Noise is a playable character -- and the only playable character. He jumps higher and builds speed faster. His sprites and abilities were mostly finished.

In the November-December 2019 Patreon Build

In this build, The Noise was used as a second player and is functional in both Co-op and Singleplayer.

In Pizza Tower: Peppino's Xmas Break

In Pizza Tower: Peppino's Xmas Break, after beating Strongcold, The Noise becomes playable in his "Grunch" outfit, but there is a small catch, Noise appears to build up speed a tad bit slower, along with his grab speed being nerfed. However, he jumps a bit higher.

In the January 2020 Patreon Build

The Noise is playable, just like the Nov-Dec builds. However, he got a complete overhaul, allowing him to reach Mach 2-3 by using his Pogo stick (Dash) to go higher (Hold Jump while using the Pogo) and faster. (Keep using the Pogo.) Then when he flashes, he can use his jet pack in 3 directions: Left, Right, and Up. (While in the air, flashing, press Dash to use jetpack. The direction is chosen by the directional key held.)

In the April 2021 Build

The Noise now functions mostly like Peppino: his pogo stick was removed, and instead of shooting bullets, he kicks bombs affected by gravity. He has also gotten new sprites for plenty of the new transformations and actions introduced in the new build, as well as old sprites returning as well. Unlike the previous build, The Noise can now do parries, and has accompanying sprites for them.

Main Abilities


Press the jump button while on the ground to initiate a jump. Holding the button longer results in a higher jump.

Jumping on top of enemies will stun them, allowing them to be grabbed if they normally hurt The Noise when attempting to grab them.

The Noise can bounce higher off of an enemy by holding the jump button when landing on top of the enemy.

Compared to Peppino's jump, The Noise's jump arc is significantly lower, he can't make any large jumps as easily.

Double Jump

To make up for his low jump height, The Noise can double jump using his rocket pack by pressing the jump button while in mid-air.

Wall Cling/Wall Jump

Without using his skateboard, The Noise cannot climb up walls like Peppino can. To make up for this, The Noise can cling to walls with his hands and feet and jump up or off of them using his Rocket Pack to spin around.

Body Slam

Press down while in the air at low speed to slam down bottom first.

He hangs in the air for a moment before dropping and can slightly shift left or right as he drops.

With enough height, this can be used to break metal boxes, indicated by the meteor-like effect.

Pogo Stick

The Noise can use this to reach Mach 2-3. After bouncing enough times, he starts to flash white, letting the player use the Rocket Dash or the Super Jump. If the jump button is held when landing with the pogo, The Noise can bounce higher. However, The Noise also naturally starts to bounce higher and further the more speed is built up.

Rocket Dash

The Noise will use his Rocket Pack as a dashing tool. Unique from Peppino, the Rocket Pack sends The Noise in a straight line in the air, but can slightly be adjusted up or down during flight. Also, if the down button is held down while on the ground, The Noise will slide on his face, being able to go through 1-block high spaces.

He can reach Mach 4 in this state, entering his rocket-like form as he could in his old moveset, while maintaining the slight vertical control he has in his new Rocket Dash.

Super Jump

Once The Noise is flashing when he uses his Pogo stick, pressing up and the dash key will result in The Noise doing a super jump. Different from Peppino, The Noise can slightly adjust his position left or right while in this state. Pressing left/right and dash while super jumping can be used to transition into a Rocket Dash.

Team Dash

While in Co-op mode, if both players attack each other at the same time, they will get into a fight-ball and start rolling, which has most of the same effects as a Mach 3 dashing stage. The direction of the team dash depends on who attacked first and will go in the direction the first attacker was facing. Neither player can turn around, roll through one-block gaps, or end the dash until they hit a wall, but whoever attacked first can control the speed of the ball as well as jump.


The Noise uses his demonic mouth with fangs to grab a target. He can perform several different and slightly more gruesome attacks, such as stabbing the enemy with his tongue, biting down with his teeth in place of Peppino's giant swing, slashing with a clawed hand, and stabbing with a kitchen knife.

At one point, this move was entirely replaced by the spin move, however as of the most recent version of the April 2021 Patreon Demo, the two moves now co-exist.

His attack animations used to be more cartoony in earlier builds like the May 2019 Patreon build, but the new animations were seemingly introduced to fit the horror theming of Noise's Hardoween (although the slam dunk in place of Peppino's spinning piledriver was left in). However, these were kept in later Patreon builds as an apparent marker of The Noise's unstable, violent personality beneath his wacky facade.

Spin Attack

By pressing the grab button twice, The Noise will spin, which upon contact with an enemy, sends it flying in the direction The Noise is facing. This can also be used to destroy breakable blocks.

Butt Slide

Working like Peppino's Belly Slide, The Noise will slide feet-first on his cape, being able to destroy blocks in 1-block spaces.


Similar to Peppino's, with the only change being the poses themselves. Some poses hold some references, like one where The Noise is in a suit being a nod to The Tom and Jerry Cartoon, "The Zoot Cat", and another one where The Noise loses his nose and tooth being a nod to the Muppets.


When his moveset was closer to Peppino's, The Noise could ride a skateboard when dashing, and if he reached Mach 4, he turned into a rocket-like form resembling a Banzai Bill from the Super Mario series.

After his moveset was reworked, this ability only activates when touching a boost pad, or turning after doing the Tackle attack on an enemy.

Grappling Hook

As shown in the Pizza Tower Discord's Thing of the Week/Day channel a la February 2019, The Noise was originally planned to have a grappling hook as his main means to grab enemies (dragging himself towards them), and also as a means to traverse levels (swinging from walls and ceilings). The grappling hook later took the form of a washing machine, with the "hook" being a bundle of clothes from the machine.

This move was later scrapped from The Noise's moveset due to being too buggy or inconsistent, and was later changed to his ground pound.

Washing Machine

As previously mentioned, the washing machine graphics were to be used for his grappling hook move, then used as a separate move. This incarnation of the washing machine would be usable at anytime, and was likely The Noise's only means of destroying metal blocks, and instantly KO-ing enemies. While using it, he would bounce along the ground, harming enemies, and stop upon command, or a specific time.

Later, the washing machine move was also cut from Noise's moveset, and then used identically as a transformation in the Freezer level, but this also got scrapped later.

Cape Glide

If the jump button was held down while The Noise was in the air, he was originally able to glide with his cape to slow down his descent. However, this move was later scrapped after his moveset was revamped for Noise's Hardoween.

Noise Bomb

Originally if the grab button was pressed while The Noise is spinning, he'd throw out a yellow bomb with his face on it that can be used to defeat enemies, this was change during the April 2021 build so the player had to press up and the grab button at the same time essentially replacing Peppino's uppercut but other than that most of it functionality is still the same. If the bomb didn't hit anything once thrown, it'd hop about for a few seconds before exploding on its own. These bombs were not the same bombs as the Noise Bomb enemy.

It can be used by using the shoot button without the minigun. If the player presses the shoot button, he'll kick the bombs instead of throwing it.


Knight Noise

Activated when getting hit by a Pizzard or picking up a sword in a stone. The Noise turns into a Knight much like Peppino, however, he wields a fork, which is only aesthetic. The animation played before getting transformed is also slightly different, with The Noise holding a fork in his hand and a plate of spaghetti in the other, apparently unaware of the sword's power.

Firecape Noise

Activated by touching boiling sauce, Cheese Dragon's fireballs or a burning haystack. Acts similarly to Firebutt Peppino, however, his cape gets burnt instead of his butt. This burnt-cape animation was removed from Peppino's Xmas Break and onwards to improve gameplay.

Bomb Noise

Activated when picking up a bomb thrown by a Pizza Box Goblin. Gameplay is essentially the same as Bomb Peppino, but this time The Noise holds the bomb in his mouth, just like when he grabs an enemy.

Ball Noise

Activated when holding down on a slope or staircase, or when kicked by a Pepperoni Goblin. The Noise will curl himself into a donut-like shape and roll forward, breaking small blocks and killing weaker enemies.

Tiny Noise

Activated when slammed down by a Pizza Crusher. The Noise turns into a miniature version of himself that functions similarly to Box Peppino. He can deactivate this form by going into a pool of water.

Rat Noise

Activated when hit by a cheese version of a Peppino Robot or a Cheeseinator. The Noise turns into what appears to be a cheese rat that can climb on walls, ceilings, and conveyors. Like the Tiny Noise transformation, it can be removed by going into a pool of water that removes the cheese.



Noise uses a minigun instead of a shotgun. The minigun, unlike the shotgun, can't shoot downwards, and fires bullets more rapidly, just like a real minigun.

Non-playable Appearances

The Noise's appearence in the demos.

In Demo 1 and 2, The Noise appears after beating Pepperman, accompanied with the text, "Uh, oh. Here comes The Noise..." as his theme plays. Then he whips out a remote with a button on it, makes a noise (usually spelt "woag") as he does so, and triggers Pizza Time with a click of the button. In Early Test Build he does the same but with just the animation and no sound.

Sometimes he appears from outside the tower in a window and chucks a bomb at Peppino, forcing Peppino into his Bomb form. (In older demos, the player needed to touch the bomb to instantly pick it up.)

In the Eggplant Build

The Noise appears as a placeholder in Freezer to give Peppino a permanent jetpack, allowing him to double jump anywhere. The Noise does not have a playable appearance in this build, however in the final game version 1.1.0 has introduced The Noise as a playable character.

Old Boss Fights

In Pizza Tower: Peppino's Xmas Break

The Noise's appearence in the battle.

This demo features a battle against The Noise in the room before Pillar John's room. Santa enters the room and reveals himself to be The Noise in disguise, and pulls a small Noise Bomb with his grinning face on it out of his sack. The bomb follows Peppino like a Toppin and starts a countdown timer of 1:40.

The fight plays like a game of Whack-A-Mole. There are five presents and the player must attack the one with The Noise when he pops up from it. He has twenty hit-points which are indicated in the HUD's TV. If the time limit runs out, the player must restart the battle and they will lose 500 points in addition with the points they lost during the time limit (which is another 500 points) however, losing all of your points and losing again does not activate TIME UP.

In Phase One, The Noise has no method of attack. During this phase, more and more established Pizza Tower characters (mainly Peppino's friends) come out of presents the lesser The Noise's health gets, until Phase Two begins.

In Phase Two, all five presents are occupied by a friendly character or The Noise. The player must attack the present with The Noise.

In Phase Three, a Noisey starts spawning at the middle platform. It acts similar to a Forknight, but with a sharp nose instead of a fork, and will instantly turn around at an edge. The player can use it to hit The Noise by launching it at him, or knock it to the bottom floor to keep it from obstructing the player from getting to The Noise.

In Phase Four, multiple floor blocks turn into Ice Blocks, causing Peppino to slip and slide if touched and making it more difficult to attack The Noise.

In Phase Five, The Noise starts throwing bombs that can stun the player or turn Peppino's status into Bomb Peppino. (In modern demos, like the Xmas Break one, he grabs the bomb to go into this form.)

Phase Six happens when The Noise has one hit point and the timer starts to get extremely low. In this phase, The Noise stops throwing bombs, but the Pizza Tower characters and The Noise start moving present to present very quickly. When the player finds themselves in this phase, they must keep on attacking presents hoping to hurt The Noise.

Once The Noise is defeated, all presents disappear, and two doors appear, with the one on the top left corner going to a room with graphics and music from Hardoween, where Pillar John is.


The Noise in his crusher.

In Phase 1, Noise bounces around on the Noise Crusher (a reference to The Noid's Pizza Crusher), which Noise will use to hinder Peppino's progress by turning him into Pizza Box Peppino. Noise can be stunned by jumping on his head, or hitting him with a Noisey.

In Phase 2, Noise will now wear a helmet, making it impossible to jump on him. The player will need a Noisey to stun him. The Noise will jump more frequently, hindering the player's attempt to hit him.

In Phase 3, the gameplay is similar to Phase 2, but he summons shockwaves that damage Peppino upon contact when he lands.

When the player finally defeats The Noise, there's no way to leave the room. Unless the player restarts the room or exits it somehow, there is no way to exit, possibly due to the demo being incomplete.

In the April 2021 Build

Noise will constantly attack the player, and will leave very little openings for attack. This strategy, however, makes Noise very prone to being parried. Due to this, as the fight progresses, Noise will start bringing out Noise Bombs (which can't be parried), and his pogo stick (which has an odd movement pattern that makes it hard to parry). Eventually Noise calls in Noiseys for help.


  • The Noise is in the SAGE 2019 Demo, but the player must hack the game to play as him: some animations use Peppino as placeholder sprites much like in the GOLF demo. However in this demo, he has a primitive version of the Noise Bomb move where he throws a bomb that acts exactly like the bombs thrown by the Pizza Box Goblin, even stunning him if he is near it when it explodes.
  • While playing as The Noise, Pizza Points are replaced with various candies, and big Pizza Points are most likely chocolate cakes seen from above with candy placed on top.
  • In Hardoween demo, if the player were playing with a controller with trigger buttons, the player could do an Analog Dab, similarly to how The Noid could do so in Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void. This doesn't count as a taunt, as the sound effect for the taunts doesn't play, and a 3x combo doesn't result in a taunt-attack when the button is pressed.
  • In the manual from the SAGE 2019 demo, it shows a drawing of Bomb Peppino holding a bomb in his mouth. In gameplay, however, Peppino holds the bomb in his hands. Upon being given a Bomb form, The Noise runs around with the bomb in his mouth much like the drawing of Peppino from the manual.
  • Editing a .ptlv file and using obj_characterchangecube in a stage will allow the player to use The Noise in Level Editor V3.3.
  • The Noise's old moveset can be used in the final game by editing the file so that the character value is "N".


Old Design

Scrapped Noise Crusher Fight

Older HUD