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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Early Test Build is the first publicly released prerelease build of Pizza Tower and serves as a playtest demo for people to get a look and feel for the game. As the game hadn't found its identity yet, every aspect of this demo doesn't match up with the retail game or subsequent prerelease builds, as the game's only source of inspiration was from the Wario Land-series of games up to this point.


The Noise ready to press the button of destruction, activating Pizza Time.

From the moment the game starts up, the player is presented with a simple disclaimer screen, giving a brief overview and explaining the game's controls. Pressing or Enter brings the player to a tutorial, allowing to take control of Peppino, learn a handful of important abilities and superjump to the beginning of the level. Five Toppin's and two secrets are found across the level, with the player running into Cheeseslimes, Weenies and Pizza Box Goblins along the way. Once the player has reached the end of the level, a pot of peanut butter is waiting at the end, which causes The Noise to walk in and activate Pizza Time. Once the level is beaten, the game ranks the player based on how many Toppin's were collected, combined with your score - which can be a maximum of 3000 points. The game ends after a rank is shown.

Peppino controls radically different compared to any subsequent prerelease builds. Peppino's overall moveset is clunkier, with mach 3 taking longer to build up, jumps being not as high and lacking the ability to run at mach 4 or even run up walls. Building up mach speed is mapped to the key instead of and the player has the ability to perform a high jump by holding and pressing . Superjumping happens instantaneously after building up to mach 3 and pressing and cancelling out of it mid-air causes Peppino to roll up in a ball and launch in the direction he was running. Enemies are impossible to kill - with an exception for the Cheeseslime enemies - and are grabbed automatically upon stunning them.

Certain animations are different too, with Peppino lacking his heavy-breathed bobbing idle animation in favor of standing in place while looking around. The superjump only uses one frame, lacking a spinning motion that was added later.

Audio placeholders can be heard across the entire demo.

  • Tons of sound effects have been borrowed from Wario Land II. Sound effects that aren't from that game are all stock sound effects.
  • Obtaining the Knight transformation plays Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger.
  • Obtaining the Bomb transformation plays Hot Wario's transformation theme from Wario Land II.
  • After completing the level, the rank screen plays Stage Clear from Wario World
  • The game's unused demo start screen plays the Minigame Shop from Wario Land 4.

Revisional Changes

A total of five builds were released to the public, compiled between July 14th and July 21st, 2018.

In an earlier version of the demo, its only level was different, and Smoked Weenie was not red (meaning the only difference was its lit cigar.

No info.

Version 21 isn't publicly available as of writing. This takes notes from Pizza Tower Discord's chatlog. A bug is present where the player could repeatedly build up speed by turning around. This was rectified in version 211.

No info.

Peter Griffin, edited as Peppino.

On July 21st, a joke build was released in Pizza Tower Discord's #speedrunning channel, where Peppino was replaced with a static downscaled image of Peter Griffin from Family Guy dressed up as Peppino himself. The title of this joke build is The Peter Griffin Experience. The track Theatrical Shenanigans was also replaced with a Cool Whip Trap Remix. Underneath the memes is the latest known version of Early Test Build.

  • All rooms were given additional props and tiles.
  • Peppino now has the ability to recover to fall from a certain height. If the player presses at the right time, Peppino will perform a handstand and get back up.


Normal Enemies

This level contains the following enemies:

Unused Enemies

This demo includes several unused enemies leftover in the files. Which are:





  • A frame of Peppino's scrapped mach 3 animation can occasionally be seen in Peppino's particles when switching from mach 2 to mach 3.
  • This build has two secret rooms, both of which feature a photo of a real-life pizza with a wavy shader laid on top of it as the background.
  • In Peppino's Knight Transformation, Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger was used. The victory screen music uses the level clear jingle from Wario World, and when picking up a bomb, the Flaming Wario theme from Wario Land 2 is played.
    • This was part of a scrapped concept where each of Peppino's Transformations would have its own theme.
  • Most enemies in this demo are unable to be defeated, instead being constantly stunned and thrown around.
  • Peppino's mach run trail effect, which flashes between red and green, can also be purple. This was already changed in the first Tester Build of Demo 1.
  • Levels from earlier in the game's development are in the files of this demo.
  • Peppino has a voice in this demo, which plays whenever you get hit, collect a complete pizza, unlock a door, collect the secret treasure, and when Pizza Time starts. All but the last one have different voices, and one is chosen to be played.
    • These voice-lines were sourced from stock Warner Bros. sounds used during the development of Super Mario 64, as told by metadata attached to the included audio files.
      • These voice actor for these lines was famous actor Mel Blanc.
  • There are 5 unused results texts left over in this build which may have been intended for a scrapped results screen.
  • In the disclaimer room, the game checks if the player's platform supports shaders, if it doesn't it then checks if shdr_wind and shd_hit are compiled, and if they are, the game shows the message: "ur graphic card is shit" and closes itself.
  • In the game's folder, there exists an older version of Pepperman Strikes! that would later be used in the Halloween Demo.
  • Leftover animations for the Flying Anchovy enemy exits in the game files, but there is no object related to it.


Regular sprites

Scrapped animations