January Build (2019)

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The January 2019 Patreon Demo is the first Pizza Tower Patreon build.


This build removed Ancient and reworks Factory, as well as adding Desert and Mansion.

This build introduced the Health System gimmick, which would later reappear in the March 2019 build and the GOLF build and would be cut from the final game.








Level Differences


  • It's almost the same as the tutorial from older demos.


  • This level was an early, easier version of Oregano Desert.
  • Big Cheese, Spit Cheese and Greaseball make their debut in this level.


  • Peasanto debuts in this level, being the first of the Vegetable Farmers added into the game.
  • The Cheeseball transformation is added to the game, and debuts in this level.


  • Just a reworked version of Factory from Demo 2.
  • Removed Pizza Engineer as the level's music.
  • The Grabbie Hand enemy was removed.
  • Changed the previously exploration based focus of Factory into a more semi-straightforward focus.


  • McPig originally promised to release Patreon builds on a monthly basis. This can be seen in the .zip's file name (PTjanuarymonthlybuild1.zip) and in the Patreon release post. Despite this, McPig didn't release a build in February, and the "monthly build" name was dropped with the release of the next build.
  • Even though Peasanto had been added, the rest of the Vegetable Farmers were not added to the game until the Eggplant build, nearly 4 years later.
  • When the health system is full, collecting a pizza slice does nothing. However, the slice would not disappear.