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Forknights are very nervous-looking cheese-made creatures in shiny silver knight armour, along with a small yellow-orange feather sticking out its helmet. It wields a large grey fork at all times.


"These guards are actually off duty, they are just trying to find their lunch to eat with their giant forks. Avoid running into those."
SAGE 2019 Manual

A Forknight usually walks around, wielding its own large fork, and (accidentally) hurts the player if touched from the front at a speed less than Mach 3.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Parry ten Forknights in Pizzascape.



  • Despite its large weapon, the SAGE 2019 demo's manual states that Forknights are not trying to hurt the player. It's explained to wield its fork because all of them are simply trying to find their lunch.
  • In Noise's Hardoween, Forknight is recoloured orange akin to red leicester cheese with a dark blue fork and armour.
  • In the Early Test Build (where the enemy is present, though unused), if a Forknight were to walk into a destroyable object, like a Breakable Door, it wouldn't turn around, instead just going through into the object. This was due to a coding oversight where Forknight was never programmed to turn at destroyable objects.
  • The hitbox of the fork is smaller than the Forknight's, leaving a small area in the front where the player can interact with the Forknight without taking damage.
  • Forknight's Heat Meter attack was dashing towards the player using a jetpack. It was temporarily used for an Elite variant in PT_Eggplantv15.
  • The Crumbling Tower of Pizza originally had Forknights and extra platforms at the end of the stage, right before the Tower Lobby hub area. The stage was nerfed in subsequent patches, removing both elements and replacing them with Dash Pads.
  • Forknights are based-off the Pirate Goom and their other variants through the Wario Land series.
  • In the April 2021 Patreon build, the TV text shows that there is one Forknight who is viral and was caught on video eating crackers on the job. He said, in paraphrasing, that he hopes that the pillar stays up so he will be able to eat the crackers for another day.


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