Burger Golfer

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Burger Golfer is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Burger Golfer is a burger with limbs, wearing white gloves, black sunglasses and a blue cap, while also carrying around a golf club, presumably a driver.


Burger Golfer walks around, launching Greaseball in a direction behind him upon contact. He is able to do this even when Greaseball is being sucked up by a Sir Nose. Any hits to Greaseball done by the Burger Golfer do not count towards the golf hits counter.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Helpful Burger
Get a burger enemy to hit the ball inside the goal in Golf.


  • Burger Golfer's design is very reminiscent of Mac, one of the playable characters from McPig's cancelled game Weenie Cop.
  • In the "Helpful Burger" Chef Task, the Burger Golfer is sporting a slightly different appearance, having a leaf of lettuce underneath its top bun.


Regular animations