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Pencer is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Pencer is a yellow-orange pepper with thin arms and legs wearing a white ruff and shiny grey conquistador helmet, with his brown stem sticking right out of it. Under his yellow-orange-pupiled eyes are a black cut mustache and goatee surrounding his often nervously bitten mouth. He is often seen wielding a rapier with a gray handle and white blade.

Pencer is an actor so into his role that he'll legitimately attack the player on sight. When defeated, Pencer carries a rose often seen at funerals for dramatic effect.


"This conquistador looking character is actually an actor. He is so much in character that he will charge at you on sight."
SAGE 2019 Manual

Pencer stands in place, charging at the player when spotted. After spotting the player, he will never stop moving.

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  • Pencer's Heat Meter attack was to charge at the player much faster, and afterward he would return to normal speed.
  • He is referred to as "fencer" in the files.
  • Pencer existed in the files of the May 2019 Patreon Build with an early behavior.
    • Originally, he would have acted like a Forknight, however he would always face the player.


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Pencer's charging sound. Also shared with Eggplantmobile, Potato Farmer, Peasanto and Flying Anchovy.


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