Gnome Forest

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Gnome Forest is the tenth level in Pizza Tower, and the second level of the Vacation Resort.

In this level, the player finds themselves in a big dark forest where a village can be found where gnomes and goblins that look like Gustavo and The Noise respectively live, as well as a much brighter, big and open cliff-side forest with giant pizza trees in the background.

The level's title card shows Peppino, Brick, and Gustavo standing in a forest. Peppino and Gustavo are dressed in gnome outfits, and Brick is wearing a birthday hat and blowing a party horn.


This level contains the following enemies:



All of the Toppins are obtainable through delivering Gnome Pizzas to the Gnomes, each of them being on the main path through the level.

Tower Secret Treasure


Four rooms after the Tomato Toppin, near the ceiling, behind Breakable Blocks.


Right before switching to Gustavo, on top of the long vertical corridor, full of wooden blocks. The Tower Secret Treasure is a pie.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the second room after the Gustavo and Brick tutorial, in the top right part of the room.

In this secret, the player uses Gustavo's double jump to clear large distances and destroy Metal Blocks.

Secret Eye 2

In a room after the Tomato Toppin, inside a Fake Wall on the right, indicated by a gap inside of it.

In this secret, the player gets propelled forward with great speed, needing to use Gustavo's double jump.

Secret Eye 3

In the first room, during Pizza Time, inside a Fake Wall on the bottom right corner of the room.

In this secret, the player runs up vertical segments like in a secret from John Gutter, though bouncy mushrooms are placed to attempt to bounce the player off.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

At the end of the room the player recieves the first Gnome Pizza. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Bee Nice
Stand next to a bee and taunt in Gnome Forest.
Destroy every wood block in Gnome Forest.
Kill a noise goblin with his own arrow in Gnome Forest.


Level's soundtrack:

ClascyJitto – mmm yes put the tree on my pizza
ClascyJitto – gustavo
ClascyJitto – Wudpecker
ClascyJitto – Everybody Wanna be a Secret


  • Despite having the final name in Beachandforestv1, it was temporarily called Forest in PT_Eggplantv15 build.
  • In the Gustavo & Brick tutorial, the combo meter is hidden. However, being in the tutorial still affects the combo but the combo is not drained.
  • The party blower Brick holds in the title card is not actually colored in. It is transparent, as you can see some of the verdant background and the trees are visible there.
  • The level's titlecard is famously known due to the recent "Lario" meme, which features a slideshow of one singular image of the 3 characters from the title card under the text "Lario", accompanied by a mashup of the songs "Sneaky Snitch" by Kevin MacLeod and "Superstar" by Young Thug. This image was actually a joke from one of McPig's spriting streams.
    • This meme became so popular that "A Secret in The Trees", the level's secret theme, was renamed to "Everybody Wants To Be A Secret", in reference to a line from "Superstar".
    • :LARIO: emote was added into the Steam Points Shop, that shows Peppino in the gnome costume.
  • In the version v1.0.594 Rat Fairies were added in Gnome Forest, that appear only in 2 rooms: big room before Jester's house and 3rd secret.
    • This improvement was made to help keep up the combo and make the level easier to P-rank.


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