Kung Fu

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Kung Fu is an unused level in Pizza Tower. It's a bustling Chinatown overrun by Shrimp Thugs.






  • This level was inspired by the Streets of Rage game series.
  • Kung Fu would later be merged into another unused level, Space Pinball, which would then be heavily retooled into Fast Food Saloon for the final game.
  • Many elements of this level would be reused in other parts of the game.
    • Ball Blocks, reskinned and renamed to Pin Stupid Rats, later made their debut in Pizzascape.
    • The Chinatown theme, first background, music, and the Shrimp Thugs were repurposed for the second section of The Pig City, where the player switches from playing as Peppino to Gustavo and Brick.
    • The second background was reused for a secret hub room on the fourth floor.
      • Mr. Car was relegated to the same secret room.
    • The third background was reused for the Slum Chef Tasks room.
  • The level's first room existed in the beachandforestv2 build in a very early state; the Shrimp Thug enemy hadn't even been added to the build yet.