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Fun Farm is the seventh level in Pizza Tower, and the third level of the Western District.

The level takes place in a farm formerly run by John E. Cheese, now run by The Vigilante. Mort the Chicken lives here. The first section of the level takes place outside, with grassy hills, cow stacks, and barns. The second section is inside a red barn with white, and the third section is inside a shack.


This level contains the following enemies:


  • Mort — initiated through picking him up from a well
  • Firebutt — initiated through touching Peasanto's torch





In the second Mort transformation room, out in the open.


Directly after the previous toppin, on top of a platform, reachable with a Flying Ladder.


In the second room of the shack section, accessible through the left path on the top of the room.


In the third room of the shack section, at the end of the room, above the Electric Potato.


Near the end of the barn section during Pizza Time, impossible to pass by.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the room with the Cheese Toppin, near the exit, inside a passage, full of Fake Walls.


In the third room, near the right exit, on top of a wall. The Tower Secret Treasure is a corn cob.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the fifth room, near the exit, inside a Fake Wall with potatoes sticking out.

This secret consists of multiple lines of Potato Farmer enemies, with the intention of throwing one of them into the rest.

Secret Eye 2

Right near the Sausage Toppin, in a Fake Wall behind Priest.

The player retains the Mort transformation inside this secret, and must use Mort Hooks to jump across to reach the exit.

Secret Eye 3

At the end of the barn section during Pizza Time, in the ceiling.

This secret consists of multiple long corridors, where the player must avoid Peasanto's torches, then rush through them at the end.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the first room of the shack section, right at the entrance.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

No One Is Safe
Kill three unreachable enemies at once with the supertaunt in Fun Farm.
Cube Menace
Find and destroy the Mort Cube.
Good Egg
Complete Fun Farm while avoiding getting hurt with Mort on you.


Level's soundtrack:

ClascyJitto – Mort's Farm
ClascyJitto – What's On The Kids Menu
ClascyJitto – A Secret In The Chicken


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  • In the first Mort Hook room, there is an entrance to a hidden room containing a singular Mort Cube. To get there, the player needs to destroy a Breakable Block right below the platform where they would originally walk upon. Breaking this cube is necessary to complete a Chef Task.
  • Prior to the full game, Ranch Shooters would've also appeared in this level.
  • This stage is very similar to Wildflower Fields from Wario Land 4 visually and musically.





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