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Space Pinball is an unused level in Pizza Tower. It's a pinball-themed stage supposedly set in a crashed UFO. Inside, is multiple other pinball machines, cowboy cutouts, and multiple rooms that have their own themes and colors.


This level contains the following enemies:






In the third room, at the very top of the room requiring the player to throw an enemy into the Enemy Blocks to be able to get the Toppin.


In the fifth room. Taking the two Teleporter Pizzas directly leads to the Cheese Toppin.


In the fourth secret, at the very end of the room.


In the Ninth room, on the top right of the level guarded by U.F.Olives.


During Pizza Time, On the path of the fourteen room.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the eight room, the player needs to avoid the last Teleporter Pizza that leads to the Stone Sword.

Secret Rooms

Secret Eye 1

In the third room with the Mushroom Toppin, the player needs to turn into the Knight transformation by getting zapped by a Pizzard.

In this secret, the player is stuck sliding in a path and stopped once the armor breaks outside of the secret.

Secret Eye 2

In the fifth room, right at the entrance blocked by Fake Walls, requiring the player to backtrack so they can gain enough speed.

In this secret the player needs to turn into a ball, then get to the top by turning with the Springs.

Secret Eye 3

In the fifth room right near the Cheese Toppin burried by Breakable Blocks.

In this secret, the player needs to gain Mach 3 speed, then take the Teleporter Pizza to break Metal Blocks which leads to Pizza Points.

Secret Eye 4

In the sixth room at the very end in a wall that is right next to the door that leads to second room.

In this secret, the player must run to the end of the room while activating the Timed Gates. The Player is only rewarded with a Tomato Toppin.

Secret Eye 5

On the path for seventh room, blocked by some blocks.

In this secret, the player must jump at the right time in order to collect the Pizza Points at the very top.

Secret Eye 6

In the tenth room, top right, the player has to break the TNT block with the Firemouth transformation.

In this secret, the player needs to use the lazers that the U.F.Olives spawn in to be teleported to the top of the room. after being teleported the player has to collect the Pizza Points while falling.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Space Pinball.
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  • The first draft for this level was a regular UFO, akin to the one seen in Oregano Desert. Its heavy use of the Ball transformation would inspire McPig to change it into a pinball stage.
  • This level was later merged into another unused level, Kung Fu, which would then be heavily retooled into Fast Food Saloon for the final game.
  • Many elements of this level would be reused in other parts of the game.
    • The Timed Gates would later make their debut in Fast Food Saloon.
    • The soundtrack was repurposed for Deep-Dish 9. The track "An Interstellar Secret" was originally named "idk what to call this but its da secret in da pinball level" due to its original location.
    • U.F.Olives would make their debut in Oregano Desert, and Teleporter Pizzas would make their debut in Gnome Forest's 3rd Secret.
    • Goblinbot's debut, and more broadly, the usage of the Ball transformation, were later moved to GOLF.
    • The backgrounds for this level were reused in the Chef's Tasks rooms for the first 3 floors.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Extraterrestrial Wahwahs (Early)




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