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Chef Tasks are in-game achievements unlocked in Pizza Tower. There are 72 (74 during the Pumpkin Hunt event) tasks in total, separated in-game between each floor. After completing all tasks of a floor, the floor's Chef Tasks door turns golden. Chef Tasks are unlocked per save file, but the first time a task is completed, the equivalent Steam achievement is simultaneously unlocked.

Completing every chef task (except for P-rank chef tasks and Tricky Treat chef tasks) unlocks the Goldemanne clothes.


Tower Lobby

Name Location Description Notes

John Gutted

Destroy all the Dead John Blocks in John Gutter. Dead John Blocks appear across most of the level, they take the appearance of a small to tall block with Pillar John's face over it. All of them can be found on the player's main path, and some are required to be destroyed.

Let's Make This Quick

Finish John Gutter in under two minutes. There is a timer in the settings that can be toggled to show how much time the player has spent on a level if set to "per level". Optionally, the player can use "both" setting to see their time on both the level and their save file.

Primate Rage

Get a combo of 99 or more in John Gutter. Lap 2 is required and all enemies must be defeated.

Shining Armor

Get to all the priests without bumping into a wall once in Pizzascape. There are five priests in total that must be reached. With the Knight transformation, jumping and then performing a Down Thrust can be used to stop sliding. This makes getting the achievement significantly easier.


Parry ten Forknights in Pizzascape. Using the taunt when the player is about to get touched by a Forknight will parry and defeat them. Stunning a Forknight and then parrying it helps to complete it quicker.


Kill another enemy while in the ball form in Pizzascape. The Ball transformation is gained from being kicked by a Pepperoni Goblin.

Thrill Seeker

Finish Ancient Cheese without getting hurt by an explosion. Entering any Secret Eyes is not required.


Kill a rat using a bomb dropped by an enemy in Ancient Cheese. Bombs from Pizza Box Goblins must be used.


Make more than forty one sets of cheese platforms crumble in Ancient Cheese. This requires the player to make a total of 349 cheese platforms crumble. This can be done faster by running over the same set of Cheese Blocks multiple times.

Very Very Hot Sauce

Finish Bloodsauce Dungeon without touching lava once. Entering any Secret Eyes is not required.

Eruption Man

During escape, go up with the superjump for more than two seconds in Bloodsauce Dungeon. This is done in a vertical hallway that connects the light blue and dark red areas of the level.

Unsliced Pizzaman

Finish Bloodsauce Dungeon without getting hurt by a pizza cutter. Entering any Secret Eyes is not required.

The Critic

Defeat Pepperman without getting hurt. This achievement's name appears only after defeating the boss.

S Ranked #1

Tower Lobby Get all S Ranks in World 1. Bosses do not count. P-ranks do count.

P Ranked #1

Get all P Ranks in World 1. Bosses do not count. Appears in the Chef Tasks room only after unlocking the achievement.

Western District

Name Location Description Notes

Peppino's Rain Dance

Reactivate a totem by dancing with the mach dash in Oregano Desert. This can be done by finding a deactivated totem and drifting around it a few times with the Mach Run.

Unnecessary Violence

Kill all of the clerk sausages in the pizzamarts. There are exactly 5 Pizzamarts: 2 during Pizza Time, and 3 in the main level.

Alien Cow

Don't get hit by a single cow in Oregano Desert. Jumping at full height over a Cow will avoid them.


Avoid getting touched by the John Ghost in Wasteyard. John Ghost only appears after exiting the room with Pillar John. He does not appear in the room with the exit gate.

Pretend Ghost

Kill 20 or more enemies as a ghost in Wasteyard. The last enemy that can be defeated with the Ghost transformation appears during Pizza Time. Entering the second Secret Eye will also help.

Alive and Well

Surf every corpse in Wasteyard. There are 10 Corpses total throughout the level.

No One Is Safe

Kill three unreachable enemies at once with the supertaunt in Fun Farm. This can be done during Pizza Time in a room with four Peasantos under the floor. The supertaunt becomes available after reaching a combo of 10.

Cube Menace

Find and destroy the Mort Cube. The Mort Cube is located under the ledge on the far right of the second room with Mort Hooks.

Good Egg

Complete Fun Farm while avoiding getting hurt with Mort on you. Falling into a pit with Mort counts as getting hurt.


Destroy nearly every beer bottle in Fastfood Saloon. There are a handful of bottles in the Pizza Portal room that can be missed if the player does not enter.

Already Pressed

Activate each button only once in Fastfood Saloon. Timed Gate Buttons in secret rooms are not required. Activating the button multiple times before it runs out does not count against the task. During Pizza Time in the room previously with a key, the player must take the ladder down to avoid touching the room's Timed Gate Button twice.

Royal Flush

Touch every single card in Fastfood Saloon. Flush cards found in secret rooms are not required.

The Ugly

Defeat The Vigilante without getting hurt. This achievement's name appears only after defeating the boss.

S Ranked #2

Western District Get all S Ranks in World 2. Bosses do not count. P-ranks do count.

P Ranked #2

Get all P Ranks in World 2. Bosses do not count. Appears in the Chef Tasks room only after unlocking the achievement.

Vacation Resort

Name Location Description Notes


Kill a cannon goblin with his own bomb in Crust Cove. Parrying the bomb will reflect it back at the Cannon Pizza Goblin.


Uncover all the treasure guys in Crust Cove. There are 7 in total:
  • At the beginning of the level, just on the right of the gate.
  • At the beginning of the second room, at the top of the left cliff.
  • Near the Tower Secret Treasure door, on top of a platform to its left.
  • In the first Captain Pizza Goblin room, right under the Toppin cage.
  • In a pit right before the barrel, after the long water slide section and Cannon Goblinbots.
  • At the end of the long Cannon Goblinbot room, on top of a platform after climbing the second ladder.
  • During Pizza Time, near the second Priest.

Demolition Expert

Complete Crust Cove without getting hit by an explosion. Entering any Secret Eyes is not required.

Bee Nice

Stand next to a bee and taunt in Gnome Forest. Supertaunting counts.


Destroy every wood block in Gnome Forest. The Lap 2 room contains Breakable Wood Blocks.


Kill a noise goblin with his own arrow in Gnome Forest. Parrying the arrow will reflect it back towards the Noise Goblin. When playing as The Noise, taunting near a waving Noise Goblin will make them launch an arrow, allowing the player to complete the task.

Turbo Tunnel

Avoid hitting the ceiling during the room right after the John Pillar in Deep Dish Nine. Using the Anti-gravitational Olive is optional; Mach Running up the walls counts.

Man Meteor

Kill 5 UFOlives in a single bodyslam in Deep Dish Nine. This can be done near the bottom of the third room of the first planet section, which contains a vertical line of five U.F.Olives.

Blast'Em Asteroids

Destroy all asteroids in Deep Dish Nine. There is one hidden Asteroid that blocks the third Secret Eye.

Primo Golfer

Get the highest rank in the courses of Golf. The player must obtain a Primo Burg in every course. This means getting Greaseball into the goal without hitting him more than a specific amount of times, which can be seen on the HUD. When playing as The Noise, this achievement can be earned by simply completing every course, because the par for each course is automatically raised to guarantee a Primo Burg.

Nice Shot

Kill three or more enemies in a single stroke in Golf.

Helpful Burger

Get a burger enemy to hit the ball inside the goal in Golf. This achievement can be obtained on the Soda Course, where at the end, the player must have a Burger Golfer hit Greaseball towards a Big Cheese who will then throw Greaseball into the net. It is also possible to grab a Burger Golfer and crouch to put him down.


Defeat The Noise without getting hurt. This achievement's name appears only after defeating the boss. The Doise also counts for this achievement, and it can be automatically earned if the player revisits his arena after defeating him once.

S Ranked #3

Vacation Resort Get all S Ranks in World 3. Bosses do not count. P-ranks do count.

P Ranked #3

Get all P Ranks in World 3. Bosses do not count. Appears in the Chef Tasks room only after unlocking the achievement.


Name Location Description Notes

Pan Fried

Find the bacon room. Located in the third Taxi room, above the fake Taxi. In the ceiling, there are bacons sticking out, hinting at the room.


Kill three or more enemies with a single Brick ball in Pig City. The player can do this in the room before the Pillar John room, as there are three Pizza Slugs lined up; however, the player must keep moving to avoid Brick hitting the edge of the screen. If playing as The Noise, a special Rat Ball will be placed near the end of the level where Pillar John is located and will count for the Chef Task.

Say Oink!

Take a photo with every Pig City citizen. The player needs to taunt next to every Pig Citizen in the level. The dancing Pig Citizens do not count.


Remove the boxxed form from each priest at least once in Peppibot Factory. Getting hurt will cause the player to lose Boxed Transformation, which can be detrimental in the Outlet room during Pizza Time due to being unable to get it again. Completing the 3rd secret is required, otherwise the player will not be able to interact with one of the Priests.

Whoop This!

Survive the first secret of Peppibot Factory without getting hurt. All Elite Weenies must be defeated before leaving. Walking to the left of the room and Super Taunting will make it easier for the player to defeat every Elite Weenie and avoid their projectiles.

There Can Be Only One

Destroy every Peppino robot in Peppibot Factory. Lap 2 is required.

Can't Fool Me

Avoid killing any Pizzaboy cardboard in Oh Shit! Disguised Ninja Slices are colored differently compared to regular Pizzaboy cutouts, except red ones. Getting close to a Pizzaboy cutout will reveal whether it's real or a disguised Ninja Slice. Supertaunting will destroy Pizzaboy cutouts.

Food Clan

Kill ten ninjas by parrying them in Oh Shit! An easy way is to parry the Ninja Slice's jumping attack when they exit their disguise.

Penny Pincher

Avoid getting grabbed by Mr Pinch during the escape sequence of Oh Shit! Superjumping into the door that leads into the tight sewer section of Pizza Time will skip a trash jumping section that requires getting pinched.

Frozen Nuggets

Free all the frozen birds in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator. The birds are frozen in Ice Blocks that can be destroyed with a Jetpack. Destroying the blocks will free them. Blocks containing birds have a unique sprite which shows the bird frozen inside.

Season's Greetings

Kill 5 fake santas in Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator. Fake Santas can be defeated by throwing an enemy at them or via Super Taunt. The player cannot grab an enemy with the Pepper Pizza powerup, so Super Taunting becomes the only option.

Ice Climber

Complete Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator without falling in a pit. Falling into a pit in a secret room counts against this achievement. However, entering any Secret Eyes is not required.


Defeat Fake Peppino without getting hurt. This achievement's name appears only after defeating the boss.

S Ranked #4

Slum Get all S Ranks in World 4. Bosses do not count. P-ranks do count.

P Ranked #4

Get all P Ranks in World 4. Bosses do not count. Appears in the Chef Tasks room only after unlocking the achievement.

Staff Only

Name Location Description Notes

Cross To Bare

Kill thirty ghosts in Pizzascare. The third Secret Eye contains 19 Ghostknights.

Haunted Playground

Avoid getting hurt by the King Ghost's traps in Pizzascare.


Destroy every single skull block in Pizzascare.

And This... Is My Gun On A Stick!

Kill every chasing monster in the escape section of Don't Make A Sound. Lap 2 is not required.

Let Them Sleep

Activate the alarms in Don't Make A Sound less than six times before the escape sequence. There are 5 Patrollers that cannot be avoided, leaving the player with no spare alarms. Patrollers in any secret room do not count.


Avoid getting jumpscared in Don't Make A Sound. Because getting caught by a Toppin Monster will remove the player's combo, P-ranking the level is an acceptable method.

Decorated Veteran

Don't get hurt more than three times in WAR.


Don't miss more than three shots in WAR. Shooting downwards counts against the achievement. The player must utilize the Dive Drop.

Trip to the Warzone

Finish WAR with more than a minute left. Avoid all Secret Eyes, and jump before shooting to preserve some speed.

Face Off

Defeat Pizzaface without getting hurt. This achievement's name appears only after defeating the boss.

S Ranked #5

Staff Only Get all S Ranks in World 5. Bosses and The Crumbling Tower of Pizza do not count. P-ranks do count.

P Ranked #5

Get all P Ranks in World 5. Bosses and The Crumbling Tower of Pizza does not count. Appears in the Chef Tasks room only after unlocking the achievement.

Pumpkin Hunt Tasks

These tasks were added with Pumpkin Hunt event.

Name Description Notes

Pumpkin Munchkin

Find all of the hidden pumpkins in the game. The number found is identified upon picking them up, as well as shown near level gates.


Get all of the pumpkins in Tricky Treat in one run. Following arrows outlined in blue first will make it easier to accomplish this.

Cowboy Tasks

These achievements are exclusive to SAGE 2019 Demo. There are 9 achievements in total. Getting all of them grants the player a cowboy hat.

Icon Description Notes
Buy all the shotgun in Snick Challenge.
Finish Dungeon with a backup shotgun. The player cannot get hurt after purchasing two shotguns. Getting hurt removes a shotgun.
Get an S rank in every level.
Get an S rank in Snick Challenge.
Get a combo of 10. This can be done in Pizzascape, in a room right after the Tower Secret Treasure room.
Find all the secrets.
Finish Pizzascape without knight form.
Find all the Toppin.
Find all the treasure.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Chef Tasks.
Remember to read the wiki's trivia guidelines before adding trivia or making changes.
  • Many of the Chef Tasks contain a reference of some kind, whether from the icon, the name, or occasionally, even the requirement itself.
    • "John Gutted"'s name is a pun off of the level's name, John Gutter.
    • The icon for "Primate Rage" is a reference to the "Gorilla Smash PC" meme.
    • The icon for "Thrill Seeker" is a reference to the Indiana Jones series, with Peppino resembling the titular character's appearance.
    • "Spherical" is likely named after a meme/quote from Drake & Josh.
    • "Delicacy"'s requirement of specifically 41 sets of cheeseblocks references the Quarantuno Formaggi, a type of pizza that has 41 types of cheeses in it.
    • The icon for "Very Very Hot Sauce" has Peppino doing the "Smug Face" meme.
    • "Ghosted"'s is named after the term of "ghosting" someone, when a person will suddenly stop replying to someone.
    • The icon for "Alive and Well" is likely a reference to the Wallace and Gromit series, as the posing and coloration of the alive corpse seem to pay homage to how the duo is posed in promotional art.
    • "The Ugly" is named after the 1966 spaghetti Western film The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.
    • "Turbo Tunnel" is named after an infamous stage of the same name in the Battletoads NES game, in which the player must avoid crashing into a series of walls at high speed.
    • "Blast'Em Asteroids" references the arcade game Asteroids, and its signature graphical style.
    • The icon for "Primo Golfer" is a possible reference to the meme / front cover of Superman's Action Comics #454, in which he is seen eating an absurd amount of burgers, though it's not exact.
    • "Denoise" is named after Denoising, the process of removing digital noise from a picture. Its also a pun on how the Noise's name would be pronounced in a stereotypical Italian accent, "De-Noise".
    • "Food Clan" is named after the Foot Clan, an evil organization from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.
    • The icon for "Unflattening" is a reference to Tom and Jerry.
    • The icon for "There Can Be Only One" is a reference to the Terminator series, with Peppino resembling the T-850 when partially destroyed, while the name of the achievement is a reference to the movie Highlander.
    • "Faker" could be named after or at least inspired by the infamous scene in Sonic Adventure 2 where Sonic meets Shadow, stating "I found you, Faker!"
    • The icon for "Cross To Bare" is a reference to the Grand Cross from Castlevania, one of Richter Belmont's iconic moves that even made it into Super Smash Bros.
    • "Ice Climber" is named after the video game Ice Climbers. In the icon, Peppino also bears a resemblance to Popo and Nana from the same franchise, as well as having an eggplant, one of the vegetables found in the game, on his head.
    • "And This... Is My Gun On A Stick!" is a reference to the 1993 film Army of Darkness, a spin on the quote "This is my Boomstick!" In the icon, Peppino also somewhat resembles the main character, Ash Williams.
  • In the icon for "Decorated Veteran", Peppino is seen wearing a variety of medals. These include a standard gold medal, a star, a heart, a pizza, a smiley face, a secret eye, medals representing A-Ranks, S-Ranks, and P-Ranks respectively, and a gloved hand giving a thumbs up.
  • "Let's Make This Quick" and "Trip To The Warzone" are the only two time-related Chef Tasks.
  • Completing all 72 Chef Tasks, along with getting a P-rank in every level, grants 1% to the Tower Status (allowing the percentage to reach 101%).
  • The first three backgrounds used in the Chef Task rooms were repurposed from the unused level Space Pinball, and the one used in Slum is from Kung Fu, which is also unused.
  • Until v1.0.594, the only way to see completed Chef Tasks was in the Chef Task room. A separate option in the pause menu was added later on.


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