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This article is about grounded variant; for flying variant see: Flying Patroller

Patroller is an enemy in Pizza Tower exclusive to Don't Make A Sound.


Patroller looks very similar to the Mushroom Monster, being a robot shaped like a mushroom with legs. It has a siren on its head.


Patroller pops out of the ground and starts patrolling around, while emitting a light. If the player gets caught in this light, the enemy will stop in its tracks and count down from 5. The countdown can be stopped by either killing or stunning the enemy. If this countdown reaches 0, the Patroller sounds an alert and will activate any Toppin Monsters in the room and open any Alert Gates. This countdown can be skipped by taunting, which can be used to save time when activating an alert is required. If the player stuns this enemy without killing it, the countdown will start the moment it gets out of its stunned state, even if Peppino was never in its line of sight.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

This enemy is tied with the following Chef Task:

Let Them Sleep
Activate the alarms in Don't Make A Sound less than six times before the escape sequence.
Audio Description Additional Note
Patroller's alerting the Toppin Monsters sound. Also shared with Flying Patroller


Regular animations